Old Stash and Dreams

I am newly returned to quilting last year. Back in the mid 1990’s I began my quilting experience and was part of a guild and also part of a small group. I was a fairly new mom and this was a great outlet to have some me time. Through the years I collected lots of fabric and patterns. I learned to knit November 28th, 2000, and from them on quilting, cross-stitch, stamping, and sewing was lost to me. I eventually gave away a lot of the materials I used in the previous crafts, but some of it was retained and I find myself going through it now and then.

Here and there I will highlight them in hopes they might work their way into the queue and finally become a made item.

This pattern is from an old magazine that showcased area quilt shops. The fabric has been stashed for at least 18 years and includes some hand dyeds I made while part of the quilting guild.

I would love to finally make this piece, however, I don’t like the corner leaves, so I plan to change it up. I might use the hand dyeds to pixelate the colors from the center to the corners, instead of just the frame they have shown. I also need to find an appliqué leaf pattern as I have lost the insert which has the templates.

The print has all the colors of the hand dyeds and background. Serendipity? I can’t remember where I purchased it, or even if I had this project in mind when I bought it. I also have 2 other pieces that could be used, they are darker in tone, if I don’t end up using this piece.

So that’s my dream for the day. What about you, are you dreaming of a project that just won’t be quiet?

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16 thoughts on “Old Stash and Dreams

    1. Ah, ufo sweaters. I have 2. 1 is a definite rip, the other I just can’t decide. Which means I should rip it too. Love the pattern, but it’s a pullover. I can’t wear Aran weight pullovers anymore!!

  1. Welcome back to quilting! That is a beautiful pattern and great fabric to go with it! I’m dreaming about…taking my latest yarn acquisition and turning it into a fun and colorful shawl. That project will be my reward for finishing my current project!

    1. I am finishing up a shawl myself, but not very exciting as I don’t like the yarn in the knitting as much as I liked it in the skein. Oh well, at least it will get done.

      On Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 9:53 AM, chrisknitssews wrote:


  2. Oooh, I was hoping to see more of your stash fabric. I am constantly amazed at how long crafters keep their fabric.

  3. Oh, yeah, I have dreams! lol
    I love the project you have highlighted-this quilt will be stunning!
    I putter at each of my interests-knitting is the most mobile but I would miss the quilting/sewing and now the painting! Or home repairs…..
    It will be fun to see you make some progress on this front!!!

  4. Welcome back to the quilt fold! It’s always interesting how we can pick up one craft and it winds up pushing aside another. I keep thinking about going back to clothing sewing, knitting or crocheting but the quilt projects yell too loud for attention! The good thing about being away from projects or stash is that you come at them with “new eyes” and new ideas how to work with them which will make the project a more exciting adventure than it might have been originally.

  5. Isn’t that the truth, to be dreaming of quilts you can’t get to? I have one in my mind right now and am trying to be practical and finish up a few things before I jump in. Hopefully tomorrow I can cut a few pieces to sew and see if it will look anything like I have in mind.

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