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Bright Lights

Having slacked a little in the 52 Hat Challenge, I actually am ahead for the year but wasn’t keeping up with 1 a week, I thought I better get back on the horse. So Saturday afternoon I got on the ball and cast on an altered* Slouchy Baby Hat. And a few hours later the pom pom was done and I snuck in under the radar. And since I was on a roll, I cast on another Sunday afternoon and now I am keeping the streak going.

Debra Norville yarn I had leftover from a commission hat.

I made the purple one to pattern. On the pink I didn’t have quite enough long tail to cast on 60 sts, so I stopped at 55 and did 5″ in depth and ended up with 1 less round of decreases. So it’s about 1″ shorter.

So I know have 13 hats done in 7.5 weeks. I guess I really can slack off and not fall behind. But there may be weeks I can’t get any done, so I want to build up a cushion to help me stay on track.

Today and tomorrow it’s all about knitting. I am back home for a hair cut and to hang with my old knitting group. I can’t really bring the sewing so I am stocked up with knitting projects. Cameo Flower Shawl and afghan square yarns are traveling with me. I am hoping this causes me to knit only on these items so I can move them towards a finish. But I also brought the Cabin Fever baby quilt so it might see some stitching. Or I could avoid them all and just goof off!

*I don’t make the garter band as deep.

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