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Saturday was a day for grocery shopping, light housekeeping, knitting, and lots of Netflix watching. Sunday was for piecing, roman shade sewing, and more Netflix binging. Frankenstein Chronicles was CHILLING!!!  Seriously! So here’s a photo gallery of my weekend. All photos can be enlarged by clicking on the thumbnail.

This was all the yarn left from the skein, I got 1/4th of the bind off done. I finished with leftover fingering from another shawl. It is so not a great match, but it will suffice. The blocking needs to happen, but I am so not interested in blocking this. I no longer care for the color.

This guitar belonged to Hubster’s brother David. David was hit by a car while riding a moped. He drove into traffic. He was Hubster’s best friend. Hubster has wanted to display this guitar for a long time. We finally found the perfect spot. Our Diva was given David’s middle name in memory of him.

I got this piece back from the quilter last year. It came at a time I had a health crisis, OsteoArthritis. I simply did not have the energy to deal with it. I folded it and put it away. I finally got it out, trimmed the backing/batting and sewed the binding. I will reveal it’s glory on Friday.

All of the blocks and setting triangles are done for Irish Eyes. Now comes the sewing of the rows and then borders. I am pleased with this even though my piecing has been less than stellar. Trying to visualize the quilting on this piece. It’s not coming to me yet. Does it ever get easier?

Hubster and I ran out for Arby’s Friday night and ended up here. Opa! is a wonderful, intimate, Greek restaurant. He had gyros, his fav, I had the pork kabob with a Greek salad. Delish! Now we have a new spot for when we want a tasty bite.

So, how was your weekend?

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29 thoughts on “Around The House

  1. Your weekends sounds like fun! Greek food is so good. We had Italian yesterday. Pizza for me and pasta for the menfolk.
    Your projects are lovely! Go ahead and block the shawl. You’ll be happy when it’s done!

  2. Hi Chris,
    I love your Irish Eyes. I often struggle with how to quilt something. Rarely do I have the insight when starting a project or even during it. I have three quilts layered and waiting for me to figure out how to quilt them. That is crazy! I have found that by reading other blogs, I do find inspiration in what others are doing. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. How nice that you found a place to display your brother in law’s guitar. Good memories are one of God’s greatest gifts. Greek food sounds wonderful right now! Irish Eyes is beautiful. Until I enlarged the photo, I thought you had a tan border around the blocks. 🙂

  4. Sounds like it was a very good weekend! It’s great you found a lace to display the guitar. Far too often we put mementos away to “save” them but being out is when we truly get to savor the memories they serve to honor. For me the challenge with “Quilt Whispering” is balancing what I’d like to see on the quilt with what I think I’m capable of executing. Sometimes, I just have to wait for the quilt to talk to my skills and come to some agreement!

  5. We just started watching CHILLING Frankenstein Chronicles. We weren’t sure we would like it but we are hooked now after several episodes.

    No advice for quilting…I never know how to quilt a quilt! Half the time I end up hand quilting because my machine quilting leaves a little to be desired. Well, actually sometimes my hand quilting does too but I like doing it. Good luck!

  6. The Frankenstein Chronicles looks so good…will be adding it to my watch list. Such pretty quilt projects! The guitar looks great on display. I want to do the same with my dad’s.

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