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February Knitting OMG and Rav Challenge

February Knitting OMG:

Cameo Shawl completion!! But I hate the look of the yarn knit up. In the skein I loved it, but not at all in the knit fabric.

Cabled Shawl finished as a poncho? Not at all! I just don’t have the brain capacity to deal with involved cables right now.

My Rav 2018 Challenge:

  1. Fuzzy Feet for my BIL. Done and messed up, back to the drawing board on these. I gave this pair to the dogs to destroy.
  2. Continue making squares for the Diva Girl’s afghan. 2 more squares finished

I forgot to add my 52 Hats in 2018 Challenge to the original post:

  1. Knit a hat each week. 13 hats/8 weeks

I am very pleased with my progress on this. The hats are easy to keep up with, preemie/newborn sizes take no time at all. But I need to be sure to make an adult hat once a month because I was able to gift a hat to someone the other day.

There is an off ramp on I465 where an old man sits. I put the hat in the car in case I passed at the right time. The next time I passed, he wasn’t there, but a young lady was. I was only able to hand the hat through the window as the light had turned green. She accepted the hat with great thanks and I drove off. But I felt strongly to dig in my purse. I turned the car around and went back to give her my small amount. I apologized that it wasn’t much, but with a beautiful smile she assured me every little bit helped. All while wearing the new hat over the one she already had on. How my heart felt for her, not knowing whatever plight has led her to the streets carrying a large duffle bag with her. It’s made me so aware of how blessed I am. And also reminds me that I should not judge another’s situation, I need only be kind and giving as I can.

10 thoughts on “February Knitting OMG and Rav Challenge

  1. The shawl is done! I think the yarn looks busy but the shawl is lovely. Maybe gift it to someone who likes busy patterns:)
    Doesn’t it feel good knowing someone will appreciate and use your finished hat:)

  2. Hi Chris,
    Your shawl is beautiful. And you especially touched me with your last sentence. With no judgment and kindness and giving our world would be a much better place. Thank you for sharing that today! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. I have a hard time predicting how yarn will look when it’s knit up, so I usually buy solid colors 😉 But I think that shawl is beautiful, even though it’s not what you hoped it would be.
    You’re doing great on those hats! I trying to speed up a bit, since I know knitting time may be scarce for a while after we return to Holland…

  4. I think that your shawl turned out beautiful. It will look so great styled against a black shirt. What a thoughtful gesture to give the hat to the young lady. I am sure it lifted her spirits and will keep her warm.

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