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March OMG and Sewing Goals

For someone who abhors deadlines, schedules and “craft-a-longs”, why am I joining/creating all these stresses!! Maybe because I am trying to keep things moving and accomplish some finishes? And for the most part it is helping me focus attention on the things I have started, or need to do.

For my March OMG my plan is to start the execution of my Not-So-Scrappy Granny Square. I am not sure yet what size or layout I will use, it all depends on the yardage I have. And to help me determine how much I can get out of my yardage I downloaded the Robert Kauffman Quilting Calculator. I plan to get halfway through the piecing.

March Sewing Challenges:

  1. Quilt the Rhubarb Crisp Table Topper
  2. Finish hand quilting Baby Frasier Cabin Fever. Seriously!
  3. Continue working on Roman Shades for the neighbor. 2 done, 4 to go.
  4. Make room for a just because project, a new pattern I find during the month.

For my Monthly Table Topper I plan to start piecing Pie Birds from The Big Book Of Table Toppers. I will be using red, brown, tan, and navy for this piece. I have been collecting bits and pieces here and there, so should be able to get a good mix of colors, shades, and prints. I will use brown in place of black in the original.

And that’s it. A light month since we have a trip and 2 weddings to attend. It will be a very busy month!

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12 thoughts on “March OMG and Sewing Goals

  1. Nice to set the goals at the start of the month so you have things to look forward to!
    What are you handwork are you bringing with you for the trip? I usually pack that first! lol

      1. Ok, well you have certainly earned a light month!! I should set one knitting goal, but I keep not making my goals so maybe it’s better if I don’t!

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