Knitting OMG · Knitting Project 2018 Challenge

March Knitting OMG, Ravelry Project Challenge, 52 Hats

Knitting OMG for March:

Cast on Snowfling Mittens with the Fistful of Fibers wool. A lovely bright fuchsia color, with a cream contrast, in such a soft and cozy yarn. This will be my car knitting while we travel to weddings and events this month.

Ravelry Challenge Projects:

  1. More afghan square for Diva’s blanket
  2. Snowfling Mittens

52 Hats Challenge:

  1. Finish up the 2 skeins of Debra Norville yarn I had to purchase for a commissioned knit. A striped Chemo Cap will hopefully finish it off.

  2. Continue using up stash yarn for preemie/newborn hats.

Not all of these projects will be completed during the month, but at least I want to get them started and make progress on them.

10 thoughts on “March Knitting OMG, Ravelry Project Challenge, 52 Hats

  1. Wow, are you really making 52 hats this year?!? That will be incredible. I had a big goal last year, which I exceeded, and no real goals this year other than just finishing WIPs, and I’ve had a bit of trouble staying motivated. I think I need to set another super size goal!

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