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I’m committed now!

I have been working on the border for the Irish Eyes wallhanging. Hoping to get this done before too much more of March has passed. I thought I would do a Flying Geese border, but came up with the great idea to duplicate the square in a square bordered by HST’s instead. Yeah, great idea.

OK, it’s not a bad idea. But after calculating how big I needed these units to be, to fit into the dimensions of my top, I ran into an issue. The remaining dark fabric only yielded the setting HST’s for 30.5 blocks. I need 32 to fit around the top. Oy! I could use the darker fabric from the Flying Geese blocks  to replace the shortfall of the original dark. If I use them on different squares and space them about the quilt no one will notice. Or if they do, it’s a “design feature”*!

But then the next dilemma is, I don’t have any of the dark fabric for the binding. And I really want the binding to be dark to continue the framing. I also do not have enough of the dark FG fabric to make a binding. I do have another piece that is similar, but not dark enough. So, an order was placed with Missouri Star Quilt Co for 1/2 yard in Hunter and 1/2 in Pine, because I have no clue which shade the original was!! Oh, and maybe a charm pack was picked up too.

Our grand-dog has been staying with us this past week. He is being socialized to other dogs. Or maybe it’s our youngest we are trying to socialize to other dogs. Brutus is happy to be with ANY dog. As long as they are willing to play non-stop for 24/7!! Our Cooper isn’t the best at sharing his home territory. I think a session with a dog whisperer is needed.

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* When I was teaching knitting I would tell my students that any mistakes or mis-steps were their own “design features”. So what if there’s a hole in your sweater sleeve, you “meant” to do that.

19 thoughts on “I’m committed now!

  1. I really like this border. I’m glad you ordered more fabric.
    Dogs really do have their own personality. Myles wants to play with every dog he sees but I think if they touched one of his toys he’d freak out.

  2. Hi Chris,
    Your granddog looks so sweet and innocent. Oh how annoying to have to order an additional half yard just to finish off this project. I was in that boat for a quilt top, order what I thought was the correct blue from MSQC and it turned out to be the wrong shade. Ugg. I hope one of your two is correct and we can see an update on this soon! They haven’t been very quick about cutting yardage lately! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. I have been known to go back to a “blaring” design element and fix with thread or yarn .. whichever looks best when hiding … 🙂 How bad am I? 🙂 😦

      1. if your charm squares have pinked cut edges what size seam do you take? 1/4 ” or larger

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