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To Do Tuesday

My To Do Tuesday is actually To Done. Hubster and Jeep Girl’s BF’s Mom share the same birthday. This year we were trying to get the BF and his sister home from Purdue to surprise Mom at dinner, so we invited her and her hubby to celebrate with Hubster. Alas, son and daughter couldn’t make it, but we still celebrated.

She likes blue so I decided to make her a zippered bag. I made this one for JG to give her for Christmas. I thought I had the prettiest blue piece to use for her new bag, but alas, it turned out too small. So back to the blue drawing board. And I hit the jackpot quite by accident.

Rejected blue on left, new and improved blue on right.

The blue floral and the blue stripe were found on two different occasions, but are a perfect match! The tan is a piece I’ve had for eons and is a perfect lining. It all came together to make this:

Open Wide Zippered Pouch from Noodlehead

The first attempt at making this I sewed the zipper upside down, the pull was on the inside of the bag! Good thing I hadn’t sewn it all together yet. Once I got on the right track it went together in no time. And then it was ready to hold some dark chocolate caramels for the Birthday Girl!

Now, if I had tried to match either of those blues? Never in a million years!

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To Do Tuesday

If you are inclined to pray, I would love it if you could cover my dears in prayer. Jeep Girl is struggling with a decision and getting beat down by another round of Med School refusals. She is getting so discouraged. It’s hard to see these schools refuse to give her a chance to interview for a spot.

Diva Girl just found out her store is closing in May, so she needs another full time position. She just went to online school to accommodate a full time job, because she was offered an asst manager position at this store.

14 thoughts on “To Do Tuesday

  1. Hi Chris,
    I love it when projects come together so easily and the colors match perfectly! It was meant to be. Oh, it’s so hard to see your kiddos struggle with decisions or have stress. I think Jeep Girl will find that those rejections turn out for the best – those just aren’t the schools for her. She’ll land in the perfect program with the best mentor and classmates for her. I really believe that – she just hasn’t heard from them yet. Keep her head up! And Diva Girl – the economy is turning around and she has three months to find something! Get on LinkedIn and update your resume and contacts. I’m sure she’ll have something in no time – before she needs to. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Sending positive vibes your way! You made me laugh, I just made a couple little bags about a month ago and did the same thing, installed the zipper inside out! So frustrating! Glad you caught it in time.

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