Do you like it Textured or Smooth?

Your quilts. Textured after a tumble in the dryer or ironed smooth?

For me it depends on the quilt. The Scrap Jar Stars has yet to be laundered because I like the smooth lines of it. Not sure how it will react once I wash and dry it. I guess it’s because the quilting is fairly wide spaced, so I am afraid washing it will result in an uneven crinkling. Is that a thing? What do you think, should I or not?

Some of my older pieces I have washed and then ironed to even out. They are not super smooth, but not as crinkled as the ones I don’t iron. But they are a lot softer and drapier, so maybe it depends on the desired effect.

My recent finish, Rhubarb Crisp I prefer textured. I washed and dried it and it’s nicely rumpled. But with all the quilting it isn’t quite drapey! But that’s ok, it’s only job is to lay on the table and soften the decor. And I love the colors so much I had a hard time  not ordering this charm pack!!

Pre-wash, Post-wash

So, which do you prefer?

14 thoughts on “Do you like it Textured or Smooth?

  1. I think it depends what the piece is being used for. A wall hanging looks best crisp and wrinkle free but a bed quilt looks nice all soft and wrinkly. I’m not sure about a table runner. Maybe smooth if the room is more formal and wrinkly if it’s less formal?

  2. Depends on the piece, but I generally prefer to pre-wash. I’ve never really iron a finished piece though, except maybe for placemats sometimes when the plates are really not sitting straight on them. I like a little wrinkle, but not too too much 😊

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