It Runs In The Family

Our genes. Well obviously, how else do we get the look that we uniquely have.

My family about 1963-64? I would have been about 3-4, my sister 6-7, my older brother 5, and the baby bro 18 months?

It’s neat to look at old photos and see the familial similarities we share. My Dad, his nephew, my baby brother, and my cousin’s youngest son all look alike in their baby photos. I mean SPITTING IMAGES OF EACH OTHER. If you didn’t see the change from sepia to black and white to color in the photos, you might think they were the same kid. Well, also the clothing styles give it away.

On the female side it’s my grandmother, my sister and our niece. Absolutely the same faces. But I never thought I had a twin. I do favor photos of my Dad’s sister when she was younger, but not even my own daughters look like my baby photos. Diva Girl is the spitting image of Hubster’s Mom, his sister, and his niece.

And then my sister posted that photo of us as a family and the light bulb went off.

Me and Diva Girl have the same smirk! And the same wicked sarcasm to boot. I guess it really does run in families?

And Jeep Girl thought she should get in on the similarity. But she needs to work on that smirk, it’s not quite full blown.

So, who looks like you?

10 thoughts on “It Runs In The Family

  1. Lovely pictures! And lovely smirks 😉
    I sometimes see my aunts (sisters of my father) when I look in the mirror, but I have a picture of my grandmother (my mother’s mother) that I think shows some resemblance too. My youngest child is spitting image of my mother and her sister. The other two look more like my husband’s family.

  2. Look at how cute your whole family is! I love that sarcasm runs down your family:)
    My daughter looks like me. I’m a blend of my parents though about 10 years ago I met someone online doing genealogy research whose great great grandmother is my great great grandmother’s sister. They sent me a photo of their great great grandmother and she and I look very related. My family has no photos from that far back.

  3. In my 20’s & 30’s, strange old women would stop me on the street, at the mall, the grocery store, in museums…. and ask me if I was related to my maternal grandmother. It always amazed me because I never saw a resemblance…. but now that I’m in my 50’s, I am a dead ringer for my mom. Great photos, btw!

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