St Patrick’s Day and Easter Decor

A recent run to Hobby Lobby yielded some new Holiday decor. I used to decorate the seasons a lot when my girls were little, but as they grew I stopped bothering. Don’t ask me why I am now more interested in doing it.

Here are the items I have out for St Patrick’s Day.

The wall hanging is an old one, Jacob’s Ladder, another fav pattern. The shamrock hangers are new, Happy SPD for inside the house/garage entrance, Welcome for the front door. Irish Eyes hangs in my foyer. Candy dish in the kitchen!!!

Easter items sit on a shelf in my foyer

All these items were purchased at Hobby Lobby. I love the bunny! The cross is heavy metal, the bunny and egg are ceramic, the tin is metal, and the egg nest is basically an egg nest. Hopefully a table runner will be joining the ranks of the Easter decor. I also love this guy! But wait, aren’t these guys adorable!!! I need to stop!

I couldn’t stop! JoAnn had 60% off Easter and I had to run in for emergency thread.

For inside next to the shelf,
for the front door after I take down the St Patrick’s Day decor.

So, do you decorate the seasons or Holidays? What’s your favorite item?

6 thoughts on “St Patrick’s Day and Easter Decor

  1. The only thing I do now that my kids are older is put something on the front door. Currently I have a green shamrock wreath that was my mother’s. She put things around for every holiday.

  2. Oh my at the cute! Bunnies are my favorite, ever since I picked up the first one on our honeymoon. You’ve inspired me to get all of them out – who cares about the clutter! Lots of memories wrapped up in them!

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