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More Cosmetic Cases

The first one used up the last of the vinyl I had on hand, need to put that on my store list for the next trip. I picked up these lovely fabrics from Always In Stitches in their clearance section. It was actually hard to just come home with these two 1/2 yard pieces! But look at the lovely case they made.

1/2 yard pieces, add in 3 Tango Orange zippers, give it shape and quilting…

et voilà!

But now what, I was out of vinyl!! Lightbulb moment….Netting! I had purchased red netting from The Back Door when I was making my Open Wide bag from By Annie. Perfect! I had 5 cases remaining that were using red fabrics or accents.


This is the fabric I used for the Soup Bowl Cozy pair I made on Sunday. You can’t tell there is red netting there, so next time don’t use a red fabric lining! LOL. So the next case didn’t use a red lining or zippers so the netting and facings stood out. I am using the rest of this fabric duo for a jewelry case for Jeep Girl. I have to draft my own pattern based on what she wants, and I have not found a good match in an already prepped pattern.

Wait! I hit a snag. No more zippers! So I placed an order from Zipit on Etsy to replenish my zipper stash. And once it got here, I was good to go! And then a doh! moment. Labels! I forgot to put the labels on!!! So a label sewing session had to happen. I always forget the labels!

Finally, 8 cases done, but I ran out of time to finish the 9th one. Not to worry, 2 of the family are in Europe on study trips, so they won’t be home to get them anyway. I have the final case fabrics pulled with zippers, but still need to get vinyl. I got time.

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20 thoughts on “More Cosmetic Cases

    1. Thank you. I love the pattern, obviously! And it’s fun to see how they fabrics change the look.

      On Tue, Apr 17, 2018 at 2:20 PM, chrisknitssews wrote:


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