Fun Finds For Free

I was going to say “for you” but went with the alliteration. I’m OCD that way. But anyhoo, here are some fun finds I came across/revisited this weekend while avoiding the roman shade making and hair shedding husky.

Pillow Wraps!! What a fun idea. Only, since I have no Cricut/Sizzix/Silhouette, yet, I would just convert the idea to quilt blocks! Or Appliqué. Or Embroidery. Or whatever medium you prefer.

Melissa’s version of the Fat Quarter’s 2017  Recipe Card Sampler, while not free, is fabulous. I am so seeing this in my new Rue d’Avignon jelly roll. Plus the fat eighths I got at The Back Door. I was planning to use these with my Grunge Jr Roll, but the issue is the background blocks. I need yardage, not strips. So order a fat quarter each of the Rue d’Avignon low volumes and forget the cream grunge?

Patchwork Kitchen Towels are so cute, and bright.  But I like a thicker towel. But maybe just for show?

I love the original Open Wide Pouch pattern, so I loved finding this adaptation, and this version is even cuter!

Different ways to do your bindings, here, here, here, here, and here. Although that last one seems very labor intensive.

And more pillows.

OK, I need to stop! I already have a long queue of stuff!!!

Update: Hubster is scheduled for surgery on Friday to blast the stones. Pray for us!! He is a horrible patient. His usual complaint is “I’m dying here”. And no, I am not exaggerating!! Whether it’s a cold, surgery, migraine, he’s always dying. We wish he would “die” a bit more quietly. 😣 LOL

6 thoughts on “Fun Finds For Free

  1. Hi Chris,
    {{Hugs}} This has to be so stressful for you – it’s hard to deal with someone who is dying, even if only not quite. You still have those roman shades on your to-do list??!!!! You know you want it off your plate – you’ll have to go back to working on them AFTER the surgery and post-surgery fussing. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Thanks. We will make it, but only because his mom is covering the surgery wjile I drive Jeep Girl to Ohio. The shades will get done the 4th one is underway.


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