April Knitting OMG, Rav Challenge, 52 Hats, May plans

First let me say, Happy 25th Anniversary to Kidney Rock!! Who knew we would make it this far? Dinner out tonight with the family, Scottish American restaurant, new to us.

My April Knitting OMG was to finish Indigo Frost. Done!!! Reveal tomorrow.

For my Rav Challenges: I have knit 28 out of 36 items I planned to knit this year. I think I need to set a bigger goal.

  1. Afghan Squares to finish out the blanket. 1 more done, 3 to go?
  2. Willow Cowl Yarn not even wound.

52 Hats: I haven’t knit any this month. Gah!

OK, now for May Plans:

Knitting OMG:

Fallen Cloud will be cast on using some luscious yarn! I have some dark green Suri Merino that has aged too long in the stash. Time to use it up! I keep swearing off triangle shawls, but this one is not really a true triangle. I hope it will drape better and be more wearable. And who can resist that cable and lace edge! I seem to love those styles.


Rav Challenges will be:

  1. Finish up afghan squares! 3 more to go, I think.
  2. Cast on Willow Cowl, a holdover from last month.

52 Hats Challenge:

I have used up my stock pile, to stay current I need to start knitting more hats. So the race will be on to find some new styles to try.

Here’s hoping May is better than April was! Although I can’t complain too much, I did knit half a sweater.

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Author: chrisknits

A knitter, sewist, quilter, mom, wife, and doodle lover!, but not necessarily in that order. Just ask my family, they'll tell you who comes first. Psst, it's the doodles!

8 thoughts on “April Knitting OMG, Rav Challenge, 52 Hats, May plans”

  1. Happy anniversary! Mine is today, also, and we are celebrating 42 years! Talk about a journey! lol I like your plans for the month and can’t wait to see the whole finished knit!

    1. Congrats to you a month early! The poncho is gorgeous and getting more length as I read blogs in the morning. Hopefully it will be done in a day or two. Thank you.

      On Tue, May 1, 2018 at 10:59 AM, chrisknitssews wrote:


  2. Congratulations. If there was anyone who has solved the problem of how to make all the things it has to be you! How do you find all the time. or are you super fast?

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