Why Can’t I Stop?!!!

Buying fabric and making plans? Do I have to sew ALL. THE. THINGS.? Why yes, yes I do. So, I had to run out for batting to use on the 3 items I have finished in the past month, Peacock, Pie Birds, rue d’Osage, and the one being pieced Orange. I also picked up 16″x16″ forms for pillow projects. I think every soft space in my house will have a pillow before too long.

So, of course I perused the fat quarters. Cause who doesn’t? I knew I wanted to grab a green to cut a few pieces for a quilter in need of variety, and at $1.00 per fat quarter, why wouldn’t I? Did I luck into a sale or what? Then the thought struck, maybe I could get some brights for that paper pieced star I want to do. Like theses examples I found on Pinterest.

The left green is for a sharing, the pink, orange, blue and light green for me.

Once I got home I decided that I needed to add some other colors to the spectrum, red, yellow, and purple for sure. And I wanted varying shades to use as in the left star photo above.

Click to make larger
Dark blue and dark purple are not
as dark in person as they appear

Trying to determine which reds to use,
the best choice is not jumping out at me

A white background will be my base, so the colors will pop! I plan to surround the star with squares of all the shades. A rainbow chain of color. Now I just have to find time to squeeze another project in! Sleep? Who needs sleep! Actually I haven’t been sleeping well anyway. Too bad BioGirl’s room is right next to my sewing room.

And just to show you how far down a rabbit hole I fall. I found this while searching for stars. Now, what fabric can I use to make one of these? Or this one! Which is a larger version of one I did ages ago. Somebody Stop Me!!

Rabbit Hole #5269 Fabric wrapped rope bowls.

10 thoughts on “Why Can’t I Stop?!!!

  1. rl2b2017 says:

    Oh Chris,
    Why do you want to stop is the question, not why can’t you stop! Yes, you do NEED to sew all.the.things. All of them. Since that is a very lofty goal, you need much fabrics and many different varieties. I just LOVE that rainbow of fabrics – ooh, so pretty. HAHA – we will have to start a pillow intervention soon. BTW, we are just getting an IKEA on the 16th. I hear they have fabulous prices on pillow forms (like $4) so steer clear of this area unless you NEED to stock up for your new habit. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. pumpkin sunrise says:

    do not stop!!! it is your palette from which to work from 🙂 I believe it’s wonderful to have a craft that gets us excited and full of new ideas when we purchase something towards it.

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