Finished Friday

And it’s another fun friday of finishes. Be sure to follow all the links to party with the finished or not participants. This week I have a finish!

During the piecing of Rue d’Osage I made many blunders in cutting. I ended up with more pieces than needed. What to do with them? Make a pillow of course. So I did.

Layout, Sewn top, Hera Marker scoring for quilting

I laid out the pieces to get a pleasing arrangement a la Nana Company’s cute pillow. Once I had it set I started sewing the pieces together, and promptly messed up all the placement! LOL. I so suck at keeping things in line. But no matter, it’s just a pillow cover, not a wedding dress.

The pillow front was sewn and quilting was decided upon. I used a zig-zag direction to straight line quilt from the top row to bottom row. I used a light teal thread hoping it would blend with all the prints and contrast with the Kona Snow. I was pleased with this choice. And then it was time to address the back. What to use for it? Well, there was all those strips leftover from the piecing, why not strip piece a back? OK. So I did.

Strips arranged, and promptly changed before sewing together. I straight line quilted columns on the two back pieces. Totally forgot to switch to the teal thread so they were done with ecru.

A zippered envelope back was made, as is now my normal, a scrappy binding was created with the teal colored strips that were leftover, and a pillow was done.

It sits in a chair in my kitchen/dining area,
but might migrate to the couch in the family room for use on the couch.

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23 thoughts on “Finished Friday

  1. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Chris,
    What?!!!! You decided to make a pillow? Wow – I am blown away. HAHAHAHAHA – just kidding you know! This is one CUTE pillow. Seriously – I love the colors and especially how you quilted it. I would easily be able to find a special place for this pillow, so when your house is totally covered in pillow, and you continue to make them, you know a good home. ~smile~ Roseanne

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