Still in Shopper Mode Here!

I need to stop!! Whether it’s fabric, yarn, notions, or tools, I am going crazy here. Soon I will not have one more nook or cranny to squirrel things away! Since I am into bag/wallet/case making now, I really needed a rivet setter. Have I ever used a rivet before? Well, no, so what’s your point? While trying to find the purse lock and rivets I needed I decided a Rivet Press was not needed, wanted, but not needed needed. But how cool is this one! So instead I went with a Rivet Setter kit. And I can’t wait to try it!! It has all kinds of tools, for different rivet sizes, and some other tools that I have no clue about. Oh well, I will learn. And an Awl for making holes in the fabric for the rivets. And while I was at it, chisels. Although I only need the smallest size, for cutting away fabric for purse locks. And new needles because of all the heavy sewing I am doing right now!


And because a little one I know, C-Man, who just finished kindergarten, told his mom that Great-Aunt Chris was making him a red blanket, yarn for said red blanket was ordered while WEBs had Encore at a good price. And two more purples so I can make more squares for the Diva blanket. I swear that one is getting finished BEFORE the red blanket is started. This purchase put my yarn stash back over 60,000 yards! Poo!

Thankfully Cascade came out with another afghan square for me to try. I was running out of patterns to use. Well, ones that I liked and were not cable heavy. I am over cables for the moment. I think I might do C-Man’s blanket with squares. His previous blankets have been diverse in pattern, but neither were pieced blankets.


But for his I might just pick 2 squares to alternate, and then use garter stitch sashings to join. To make it more quilt like. Stay tuned for more shopping. You never know what I might end up buying next.

16 thoughts on “Still in Shopper Mode Here!

  1. rl2b2017 says:

    Shop on, girl! You are sharing some fun items. Nothing I really need need, but it’s fun to see what you’re picking up. Happy Wednesday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Jeannie Gray Wiant (@JGKnits) says:

    Maybe we should attend a meeting & sponsor each other. I went into the craft store yesterday to buy jump-rings to make a few stitch markers (with beads I already owned) and walked out of the store with 9 large-ish containers of new beads. They were 50% off but good grief! How many stitch markers does a girl need???

  3. ellen says:

    That afghan square pattern is lovely! I am back on the knitting and promised myself I would focus on stash busting, but I admit to buying some yarn for a baby sweater. It’s just 2 balls so it’s okay, right? right??!?

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