Friday Finish

Finished cosmetic case. This one just because, but boy did it give me grief! I only put the snaps on wrong twice! Gah! I hate when I am stupid! I blame 3 dogs, 1 of which is a Brutabaga, for my inattention.

I used a dark navy thread on the vertical and a lime green on the horizontal lines, quilting along the plaid design. I used Peltex to see how well it will hold its shape. So far I have used batting, Soft and Stable, and Peltex. My fav is Soft and Stable, it holds the shape better than batting, but not as stiffly as Peltex. I put the snaps too close on this one, so there is little wiggle room for filling the pockets.

Yeah, it’s pretty rigid

MTT: For the Winter Whimsy pattern I am using cottons and machine blanket stitch from my new machine’s stitches. How will I learn its capabilities if I don’t use it? My fabric pull was easy since I have so much red, green and golds.

Christmas In July!

Background, binding, trunk, branches, hearts, stars

Can’t wait to get this one finished. But not sure how I will go with the FMQ on this. I would love to do swirls and curls, but I need a lot more practice on curves, I am too jerky for them at this point. I may have to do some cat mats to perfect curves.

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Do you know how to care for your peaches? Well I do now, because,
I got a few of them the other day, and might need to know these tips.

10 peaches shy of 25lbs!!! Oh my! I may have to give the neighbors more!

15 thoughts on “Friday Finish

    1. Hopefully we will enjoy their yumminess for a few months. I have cut and frozen a bunch of them, and will repeat the process again today. I still have half a case left!! LOL And in 2 weeks I’ll grab another box when they come back to town for their last round. Thanks! > >

  1. Wish I were a neighbor, LOL! I’m not a huge fan of peaches except when I can get really good fresh ones. These look just terrific! I love your Christmas pattern. However it’s quilted, it will be fabulous. How clever of you to quilt the cosmetic case in two colors. It really looks great, and I know you (or someone you gift) will get a lot of use out of it.

    1. Thank you. I am thinking this case and the next one I am halfway through will go to my neighbors who arranged our neighborhood party. They live in the 2 houses across the street and are lovely gals. > >

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