The Dream Of The Blue Turtles

Who knows what that title is? Anyone? Answer at the end. You had to have been an 80’s nut to know it. And boy was I an 80’s nut. Big hair, MTV watching, CDs blaring, party girl, was I.

What it means today is, I have another NCW on the make. This one is for my sister and involves this cute fabric. To place the motifs in the right spots I had to do a bit of fussy cutting. Not easy when you have limited cutting space, I gotta get my 8 foot table in this small room! Not sure where it would go, but I will figure it out. I had to buy a yard of this fabric since it was an online purchase but only needed about a 1/4 yard. So I have a lot left over to use for other projects. Yay!!

I spent a day prepping all the pieces and now just need a free day to start the construction. So excited to get this made! I went with a chartreuse green for the card slot pockets and a teal for the zipper pocket linings. The outside of the zipper pockets is fussy cut turtles.

The zippers, as you can see in all their greenness, will contrast well with the turtle and teal fabrics on the zipper pockets. At this point all the interfacings are ironed on and the card slot pocket is done. The real sewing will start soon!!

Answer: The Dream of the Blue Turtles was a CD put out by Sting in 1985. I was able to see him in concert when they performed this album. It was a spectacular show! I also saw him with his Soul Cages tour, and then his Mercury Falling tour. Now I wouldn’t pay a nickel to see him in concert. He’s gone off the deep end. But oh how I loved the Police and Sting through the 80’s and 90’s. Great memories.

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19 thoughts on “The Dream Of The Blue Turtles

  1. That will be such a beautiful wallet! Love the fuzzy cutting you did.
    Eighties references like this one make me realize I was a bit unworldly back then. Didn’t listen to pop music. Imagine that! My husband had to introduce me to all the masterpieces I missed. He did a great job. I do love Sting now 😉

  2. ah Sting 🙂 I remember being at university and laying in the sun with my best friend listening to him on the radio (ye! radio!!) also played: cyndi lauper, and Madonna 🙂

    1. I am not a turtle fan, but I do like this print! MHO-I like my performers to just stick to the music, I don’t come to them for commentary. Nor do I like a performer just because they share my beliefs. When you get vocal and nasty to any side of the issues I tune out. But I won’t tell them they can’t say what they want, it’s their voice. > >

  3. Very pretty! Very color combinations too. I like vintage Sting snd the Police. Though My Guy thinks some of their songs were pretty creepy.

  4. Great turtle fabric! And your coordinating fabrics and zipper are spot on! It is ashame that performers have to bless us with their political opinions. I just want to be entertained , not lectured to.

    1. Thanks! I love pulling fabric and trying all the combos. I don’t want to begrudge people their free speech, but if I’ve paid to hear you sing, that’s what I want, not your politics. I’ve had enough politics to last me a long time! 😝


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