The Dream has ended…..

….and became a Necessary Clutch Wallet!!! And I love it!!!

Outside, inside

Beaded zipper pull, back turtle


Turn lock, wrist strap

Pocket linings, inside turtle

I love it, wait, did I already say that? It was a bear to finish, the rivets are just shy of being long enough to handle easily. And the last 2 didn’t get completely secure, so they popped off when I handled the clutch. Better to know before I left home with it! If you look really close at the second photo you will see that the zippers were put in opposite of each other. One opening right, the other left. Argh! By the time I realized it I was not ripping it back! I had the zipper pockets done, done! No one but my sister will be affected by it, so it’s good.

It’s not perfect, I doubt I will ever make one that is perfect, but I am refining the technique and will be fearless before long. I have one to do for an online friend, Flo, I need color ideas, and a Mini NCW for me, oh and now BioGirl wants one! So I need to get going on that, and her jewelry case, so they are done by the 18th, when she heads off to Ohio University. It’s so close now!!! It seemed like I had nothing but time before she was to leave. Now, I am down to just days.

24 thoughts on “The Dream has ended…..

  1. nothingbutknit2 says:

    Excellent wallet! The turtle fabric is so cute. The zippers are a design element not a mistake:)
    It looks like maybe your mojo has been reignited! You’ll get the projects done:)

  2. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Chris! You did a great job, and I love how the turtle shines on the back of the wallet and inside too. I don’t think the zip going a different way would bother me at all. It may help to recall where something is stored since you give so many options! Happy Monday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Sue H says:

    These clutches are so popular right now and you got yours DONE! Great job and I love the turtle fabric. Those are truly my colors!

  4. Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts says:

    Those colors! They are my favorite colors. Love the fabric combo you used in your wallet; I think it looks great. My niece will be starting her freshman year at OU in a couple weeks. She’s excited and looking forward to it – her Momma is having a hard time letting her go. 🙂

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