Friday Finish

I seriously didn’t think I would have a finish this week. I have been wasting time and, when sewing, working on things that weren’t going to be done soon. But this half done case was mocking me, from the various surfaces I kept moving it to just to get it out of my way for the other projects. So I caved and just finished it!

The colors are not right in any of the photos. It is less glaring than the first pic, but not as pink as the other two. The piece had all put 1 pocket made so it was a quick finish to sew together. This has now joined the last case in my to be gifted basket. The one before that was gifted last week and the recipient loved it!! I am so glad. She deserves gifts and prayers.  So this recent make brings my Roll-Up Case total to…..drumroll please…..31!

Wow, and only 2 were alike, for a mother/daughter duo. So, has this pattern run it’s course? No way! I just ordered 8 more sets of colored zippers to make more in the future. I order the colors in sets of 3 so that I can make a case if the situation warrants it. If I end up using one of the zips for a different bag, no biggie, I can just use the remaining zippers in something else too.

So now it’s time to check on the patient and then escape to my sewing room to sew or knit. Quite a bit got accomplished on the current baby sweater while in the waiting room. But first the piece got ripped back to 1″ under the body separation to be redone. It was too long in the body and the sleeves weren’t going to fit. Now to check my reknit against the sleeve.

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14 thoughts on “Friday Finish

  1. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Chris! Glad to hear the patient is home, and the healing process has started. That cartilage removal process must have been the worse part – at least in my mind it is. Sew on sister – you are rocking these cases! Thirty-one cases – holy moly. We could call you the queen of the basket cases. Happy Friday! ~smile~ Roseanne

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