Happy Birthday to BioGirl!

Yesterday we celebrated her 24th Birthday, today we are driving her 4.5 hours away to start her grad school program at OU in Athens, OH!

One of my fav photos from her youth, Christmas 2017 with Brutus (Diva’s pup)

In the swing with her Beau, at her favorite Ballpark celebrating her 18th birthday.

Daytona Speedway Fire Cracker 400

She is one who feels stress deeply, so I pray this next phase of her life, BioMedical Engineering Grad School, will not weigh too heavy on her. Knowing her, she will strive for perfect marks and stress over every aspect of her learning.

She landed in a wonderful program at Ohio University in Athens, but we are sad it’s far away. At least there are quilt shops around her new area. Ones I plan to visit when go see her throughout the next 2 years. 2 years. Sigh. With few breaks. I guess preparing us for the possibility of not being in the same city when she starts her career.

After the Jewelry Case you would think I would not make more work for myself. But I promised her a wallet. I offered to do a similar NCW style with the Diva Wallet hardware. I reduced the pattern  to 90% and made mods to the other pieces. And then proceeded to rip and resew several times before I completed the case.

Her old jeans leg for the wallet outer, leftovers from the Jewelry case for the lining, a pretty medium blue for the card slots, yellow for the pocket lining and navy for the zipper pocket outer.

It’s done, and it’s too small!!! Once she packs everything in it it will not close!! Argh! I should have known it wasn’t going to work. But I kept pressing on. Oh well, looks like I have a new wallet for times when I don’t need all my cards or a lot of stuff. I bought fabric for the next one and will mail it to her after the move. I will attempt a NCW hack again with no reduction of the pattern.


15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to BioGirl!

    • chrisknits says:

      Thank you. She is excited to start this new phase of her life. We are thrilled she got such a great offer from the school. The wallet will be a spare for me, and the next one WILL be better! > >

  1. DelightedHands says:

    This will make a great wallet for someone a bit more of a minimalist then! lol
    You did a great job on this wallet, nonetheless!
    Happy B’day to your daughter-the separation will be hard but be grateful for the easier way to connect with our kids now!

    • chrisknits says:

      I decided to keep it for when I need a smaller wallet! Thanks, she is settled in her new apartment and we will get used to the absence. I am so glad for technology knowing she will be able to keep in touch with her boyfriend who will be 6 hours away. She will miss him more than us. LOL! > >

  2. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Chris! I wish your DD a belated happy birthday. Where does her beau live? Hopefully not in Ohio! Those quilt shops give you great excuses to go visit as time allows! Those two years will go by so quickly – in the blink of an eye. Oh man, too bad that wallet is too small – it looks great. Especially those card slots – very useful. Happy Sunday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne

    • chrisknits says:

      Thanks! We are missing her, but know it’s all good. Her Beau is in his last year at Purdue, so a 6 hour separation right now. I know she missing him more than us. LOL! > >

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