The New Wallet

Today is for finishing a wallet, a wallet redo for BioGirl since I made the 1st one too small! And what better fabric to use than a combo I picked up on Friday! It did not marinate for long in the stash! I laid out the pattern piece to take advantage of the neat border design.

And then used my mad planning skills to use up as much of the 3 FQ’s as I could without having to seam pieces or pull from other stash and try to match. I succeeded! So what the pocket linings won’t match each other? I don’t care, at all, very much, and I don’t think BioG will either, at least very much. LOL!

We got her all moved in on Saturday and then the time to leave came and I cried. Of course I did. I kept planning to take all kinds of photos and I failed. But before we left we got these shots on her balcony. She is very keen to discover the nature and parks around the area, there are a ton of them. And it’s all just so beautiful.

Looking southwest from her balcony

Looking northwest from the balcony, her and beau on her balcony

I talked to her Sunday morning, she was doing fine, was grocery shopping. I know she will do well, it’s just hard to leave your kid, OK-24 year old adult offspring, 4.5 hours away! Her beau asked as we left if it was different this time, and I said yes! For undergrad we left her 2.5 hours away in a city where family lived. She had someone close. Her closet relative is in Pittsburgh, 3 hours away, the closest friend is in Dayton, OH, 2 hours away. But we are so far away! At least in my worried mother’s mind.

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24 thoughts on “The New Wallet

  1. Ramona says:

    Then, after they graduate, get a job and get married, they move to the other side of the country! My daughter moved to California in November and it’s been a bit difficult for all of us. We’ve been able to see her every 2 months or so, but it’s not the same. Thank goodness for Facetime and cell phones! We give them wings to fly and those wings can take them anywhere.

    • chrisknits says:

      Thankfully her Masters subject is well represented in Indiana, so hopefully she will be more local than CA!!! Prayers you are able to keep connected with your daughter!


  2. Maggie says:

    I’m sure she’ll do very well despite the distance, but I get your worrying. One of my girls went to Durham (UK) for her Master and that’s a long way from here (across the North Sea, for starters). It was really hard to leave her behind when we dropped her off, but she did fine on her own.
    Of course, right now we’re the ones planning to move an awfully long distance away from everyone. I’m not sure if I will be able to handle it…

  3. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Chris! Aww, {{{hugs}}}. At least you didn’t have to leave with her begging you to take her with. That’s how we had to leave Sue’s niece her first (and only) semester away at school. I have to agree with your other friend who said you would worry about her if she was 15 minutes away. That’s your job, and you do it well. Love the fabrics for the wallet! It will be very striking! Happy Monday to you! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. compassionknit says:

    I hear you. Mine stayed close in college, then BOOM : Zach went to Mexico for 2 years which seemed an eternity. Allison moved to the east coast and landed in Oklahoma City. Zach is now back! WE are so overjoyed. A few hours drive would be wonderful if our daughter were to move up. WIth text and Email it is so easy to stay connected. Im so grateful we had these things as my grown kids moved around. My mom heart aches for you. . Word to the wise: Stay out of their bedrooms or you may cry

    • chrisknits says:

      LOL! I can’t say I will stay out of the room, because I have to clean it and put it back together! Also, move my winter clothes into her closet so I can free up my closest. Hey, maybe this isn’t a bad thing after all? Thanks! > >

  5. autumngeisha says:

    Saying goodbye is always the toughest part. Good luck to your daughter on her new adventure. Looks like a wonderful place to study and to start the next chapter in her story.

  6. Sue H says:

    Nobody ever said parenting was rasy but the hardest part is letting go. My dad told me that when we see our children all grown up and doing fine on their own, then we know we’ve done OUR job well. Good job!

    • chrisknits says:

      Exactly! I never want to get in the way of their life, they have their life to lead. I just don’t want to lose the chance to be involved along their journey. > >

  7. Mia is mine says:

    Oh! I hear your pain! The first time we left my son 6 hours away, I cried myself to sleep. But, years later, when he moved out to an apartment in town, his room was redone in less than an hour!

    I love the quote on your blog about parents! I’ve always been tough to discipline! 🙂

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