Using it up!

When I made BioGirl’s wallet I used a trio of Fat Quarters I purchased from AIS’s wonderful FQ Sale! 25 FQs for $30!! After I was done I had small pieces of all 3 leftover, not really enough to make anything. Or so I thought. For some reason, it was nagging at me. I am tired of shuffling scraps from one place to another, never really sure what to do with them. Wondering if they will just languish in my stash.

Well, it wouldn’t leave my mind, so I decided to look at what I had. Nothing that screamed a project at me. Unless….I cut the pieces up and sew them together to make square panels and long strips. OK.  So now I have 3 panels and 2 strips and no fabric left, what to do? Dig in the stash for a navy solid to make linings! And then you find a cream zipper and it all comes together to make a zippered pouch! No really, it was like magic!

I used small pieces to make tabs for the zipper so I could try to make the top look better. Click on the left photo to see those lovely tabs! I am refining my technique and will try to put together a tutorial of my method. The dimensions are 2.5″x6″x 6.5″ tall. You can barely see the inner pocket I put in. The only thing left to do is to make a beaded zipper pull and mail it off to BioGirl. Since she has the matching wallet, it must be meant for her.

My goal, going forward, will be to make a zippered pouch with any leftovers of similar sized pieces. Even if I have to cut and sew together, it’s better than collecting dust in my stash! And just think, I will have ready made Christmas Gifts at hand!

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23 thoughts on “Using it up!

  1. Ramona says:

    Great idea and you end up with a cute bag! Scraps do me in, so I need to do the same thing…..start making small little gifts and not end up with bags of scraps.

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