Cast your votes!

I am itching to start all the things!! I am pulling fabric from the stash trying to decide what goes together. Help!

I was trying to use navy/aqua/red as in the original Anthem. Not working, so I am going with a navy teal print. I need 3-4 fabrics plus background. I would do navy in same position, brassy gold in place of red, and teal in place of aqua. First photo shows the line up, 2nd photo introduces a blue green plaid for the center sashing. Yes/no to the plaid and which background?

In the 2nd photo the cream isn’t that dark, see below

The next dilemma is a grouping I bought at a FQ sale. I’m thinking long table runner for our bedroom dresser, or awallhanging to go above the high boy.

What I don’t use as a background on this will be used in the teal grouping, but they aren’t this white IRL. Evidently I can’t photograph cream very well!

So, which do you like best?

And third, got fabric pull, need placement help. I see using this grouping in Indigo Blue. Do I use the two lights for a scrapyish background, the kidney bean* and crosshatch for the small chain, and the dark plaid for the HSTs? I don’t have enough of the light semi solid for the background by itself, unless I try to find more.

*Looks like kidney beans to me!

So cast your votes. Non-partisan candidates, no platforms or ideologies, they are united in their quest for a clean election and awesome quilt projects! Pay no mind to the fact I listed 4 items I wanted to start on last week, Anthem is a repeat, and Fall Leaves did get a start this week. So I am not adding 3 news ones, I am adding 2 and subtracting 1?

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12 thoughts on “Cast your votes!

  1. Tough call for the first one. I like both equally.
    I really like the third one for the second candidate. I’m not sure why.
    I have no opinion on the third as they look so similar to me.
    Good luck picking the winners:)

  2. I can’t visualize the 1st pattern without the red :/
    2nd from the left for the runner 🙂
    I’d use the kidney beans for the HSTs, the dark plaid for the 4squares, the crosshatch for the single/double squares 🙂

  3. Hi Chris! For Anthem, I like it without the plaid fabric only because that seems too light a blue for the sashing. The lightest fabric is my choice for the background. For your runner, my pick is the third one from the left but I’m a huge star fan. Lastly, I love the idea of a scrappy background for your Indigo Blue, but I wonder if the small checks are too strong of a pattern? Those fabrics look great together though! And I love that pattern – it will be fantastic. I’m glad you found your mojo for sewing again! ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Thanks for your perspective. I know the light plaid doesn’t really go, but I need another print for the sashing. I might delve further into stash and see what I can find since I need so little of that one. As I keep looking at #3 I realize, I just did that pattern on my star table runner! LOL No wonder it looked familiar. And on the 2nd choice I realize it’s the same star as True Blue which I am finishing up today. LOL, so it might be that #1 wins by default since #4 is not that exciting! I am taking the advice on Kidney Beans and will look at rearranging the fabrics of the best visuals. Thanks again! > >

  4. Wow, lots of hard choices. One the first, no to the plaid, I like the second creme for the background. You’ve figured out the table runner. On the last, I’d go with another light rather than the light plaid. I like you other choices there.

  5. Adding two and subtracting one…I love your quilting math 🙂 For Anthem, I vote the first fabric pull. I love the way the print on the background plays with the other fabric…I’m ify on the plaid. Which I also like the other cream with your pull for the reds. It will be fun to see what you choose for all the projects.

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