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Monday Monday

It’s such a typical Monday. Or maybe a typical Monday after a fun weekend. Boring old Monday, nothing of interest going on, but at least memories of the weekend can sustain me.

We attended the wedding of our nieces, well we split up for the weddings, me to my niece’s event, and he to his niece’s event. Chance happened to make them end up on the same date after they were originally going to be on separate weekends. And they picked the same time in two different cities, 1 hour away from each other. So needs must and we divided and conquered. It seems everyone was getting married this past weekend. A few other guests had double weddings to attend. At least theirs were at different times.

So I was able to get the shawl done to gift my niece and she was surprised to learn the yarn was dyed in her Harry Potter house colors, Ravenclaw was where she was sorted as a kid. She and BioGirl were really into HP when they were younger and spent long hours discussing the books. An online friend, Fobidden Fiber Co, dyes yarn in the HP color ways, so I knew it would be the yarn for her shawl.

House of Ravenclaw, book version

I showed her some shawls styles and she liked the Maluka pattern, but after revisiting the pattern I decided to just create my own shawl. Big mistake or not? Well, I did a restart after a few repeats and had a better time of it after that. But it wasn’t smooth sailing, so a half mistake?

I kept the border design, but instead of knitting border and then body, which would have put the striping at odd angles, I just did the shawl sideways. I switched out the Maluka stitch cluster for a right twist cable and got close to what I envisioned.

The wedding photographer got a pic of her in the shawl, so I can’t wait to see that. Here are a few of the pics I took yesterday. Really didn’t think to have my phone out to take more.

Biogirl working on a bouquet, they are such a cute, awkward couple!

Announcing the couple, cutting the cake.

10 thoughts on “Monday Monday

  1. What a lovely shawl for a lovely bride:)
    Are October weddings the new thing? The last wedding we attended as in July. It was so hot! An October wedding makesso much sense weather wise!

  2. Hi Chris! Wow, what are the odds that your two nieces would get married on the same day?! Good thing you could divide and conquer and represent at both. Your shawl turned out great, and I’ll bet she was thrilled with the end result. ~smile~ Roseanne

    1. Thank you. Yes, it was amazing they ended up with the same date! So 4/5 weddings in 2018 are in the books, that leaves 6 from their generation to go, and 2 of those are mine!


  3. That is such a beautiful shawl! And how fun to incorporate HP colors. My girls were really big on that too, but I don’t remember their houses, nor the right colors for them 😉

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