November OMG. Our National Anthem…

…is one of my favorite songs to sing. And Anthem was one of my favorite design to sew! Even some of the fabric was appropriately named, Star Spangled Liberty. So I guess you could say I was just doing my duty as a citizen of this wonderful country by making this top!

For my November OMG I chose Anthem. I had been eager to make this mini since I saw one at our 2017 State Fair. I didn’t any luck buying the original combo of fabrics so I had to search out my own variation, I think I nailed it. The homespun check was from Hobby Lobby, the rest from Always In Stitches.

I love square in square in square blocks! So much fun to build out from the center. These pieces were sewn early on, but then I had to finish baby shower gifts, so I took a hiatus from Anthem. It went together quickly once I was back at it. One afternoon and the top was done!

I turned to the remaining fabrics for the backing, and decided the leftover strips and pieces would be just enough, and I mean just enough to make it. I only have 1″ extra all around, but considering it’s only 21″ to begin with. I will spray baste it to keep things from shifting too much. So, what does the front look like?


The colors aren’t so bright IRL

I am thinking cross hatch in the striped borders with ditch quilting in the corners. As to the central blocks, no clue! I am predictable. This is in the queue for machine quilting with 2 others. 2 more are being sent off for long arm quilting, so hopefully by the end of the year I will have 5 more wallhangings done to grace the walls of our home. In fact, one of them is soooo close to done it might show up on Friday!

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23 thoughts on “November OMG. Our National Anthem…

  1. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Chris! What a great near-finish to share with us today! It turned out great and I think your fabric selection is spot on. My favorite part is the borders leading into the cornerstones, and those cornerstones are pretty darn cool too. How about a wishbone pattern in that beautiful homespun check? That’s all I’ve got . . . I stress WAY too much about how to quilt something. Happy Happy Thanksgiving to you! ~smile~ Roseanne

    • chrisknits says:

      Me too! I started quilting the holiday twister and completely ripped out what I did in the green section. Ugh!! I hate the quilting part, but then I love it because it makes the quilt! > >

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