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Wedding Shawl Reveal

Oh my! What a gorgeous evening and a wonderful event. Our niece was married Saturday at the Central Library Events Center. My sister used to manage this branch. It makes an awesome venue for events. Be sure to scroll through all the wedding photos.

I got the shawl knit and blocked in time and was able to gift it to the bride while they were doing photos so she could get pictures with it on. Can’t wait to see the pics!!

At home

On the gift table at the reception

It was a black tie affair, but I don’t do long dresses, and Hubster didn’t have a tux, so we were a little under dressed, but they didn’t kick us out. We remembered to get family photos before we left.

Hubster and I
Our girls and their Beaus

My sister and our crew
Us girls do the “Sorority pose”?

On Sunday we had family and friends join us to open gifts and eat lunch. BioGirl and Electric Beau are headed to Florida to celebrate so this was the only chance to have Christmas with our girls. We had a blast and ate way too much food. After lunch I made everyone share their most memorable Christmas story. I shared a missed Christmas due to pneumonia. I was 14 and had no clue what I got for Christmas as I slept through all of it. My mom opened all my gifts. LOL I also shared about a present not received. I told Hubster I wanted a laptop. I didn’t received a laptop on Christmas Day. We went to my mom’s to open presents where I heard all about my niece’s and nephew’s new laptops and then my MOM opened her new laptop. Harrumph! But no laptop for me. I then gave Hubster the silent treatment for 2 weeks. I finally got my computer for my birthday. Seems Hubster was a little slow on the shopping that year.

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17 thoughts on “Wedding Shawl Reveal

  1. looks like a pretty place to have a wedding – but yes if you do not have a tux and a long dress that is a lot of expense for a wedding especially if you feel you will never wear one again! I have never gone to a wedding where it was that dressy but then our family is very, very casual! That shawl is beautiful

  2. Hi Chris! I love seeing all your pictures!! The shawl turned out lovely. I especially love the photo on the back of your couch – drying maybe?? Oooh, I’ll bet that was a very uncomfortable Christmas for DH when everyone EXCEPT you received a laptop. I would not have wanted to be in the car on the ride home!! I hope you have a wonderful week. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. Your shawl turned out beautiful! Congratulations to the bride and groom – what a lovely wedding 🙂 You have a very handsome family – so nice that you were all able to get together for early Christmas!

    1. It was. I was glad I thought of that idea. It was fun to hear the memories about our shared Christmases and learn of those we didn’t know of from our friends. > >

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