UFOs 12 in 2019

I will draw a number each month and that will correspond to one of my items listed. I must endeavor to finish that goal in the month. As you can see I have a theme of sorts going with my list. More than half of my entries involve quilting! Evidently I am not a slacker in the piecing department, it’s the quilting where I drop the ball.

My list:

  1. Quilt True-Bluish August
  2. Quilt Pineapple Punch May 
  3. Quilt Shades of Suede July 
  4. Quilt Snowflake
  5. Quilt Granny’s Peacock
  6. Quilt Anthem February 
  7. Finish piecing October January 
  8. Bind Berry Basket January 
  9. Bind Feathered Star January 
  10. Finish piecing Footnote June 
  11. Finish piecing  Patriotic Duty
  12. Finish Quilting Irish Eyes March 
  13. Prairie Sampler

True Bluish                    Pineapple Punch-May               Shades of Suede

Snowflake             Granny’s Peacock                Anthem-February

Footnote-June                               Mini Baskets-January           Feathered Star-January

Peach Fuzz-January                  Patriotic  Duty                        Irish Eyes-March

Prairie Sampler

23 thoughts on “UFOs 12 in 2019

  1. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Chris! Hmm, six months of quilting and two months of binding. This will certainly leave you with a whole bunch of finished quilts, unless you don’t bind those six! Looks like a great list. And I love your to-do list in the sidebar – that’s cool. Happy Happy Tuesday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Christine says:

    I love this idea! A lot of stitcher’s have been using a spin-the-wheel type app (Tiny Decisions on iPhone and Random Picker on Android) to chose which WIP to work on and this is very much the same! I hadn’t thought about applying that concept to my quilting WIPs, but that is definitely a great plan!

  3. dezertsuz says:

    I made my list, too. I have hopes, especially if I also do a few things that are different on OMG. Not ever month, some months they’ll be the same goal, but some not. Goals help me get things done. Otherwise, I just float along.

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