Back in the Saddle Again

Or, rather, sewing chair. We are back home from our New Year’s Festivities.  We gather with old friends in our old neighborhood and act like old people. Which is to say, we eat, drink, play cards, watch the ball drop and then everyone packs up and goes home! LOL. Some of us wondered if we could call it New Year’s an hour early with the East Coasters. Since we live on East Coast time* I thought it a great idea.

Fallen Cloud
On top of Miss Dashwood

I did shawl knitting while we were traveling, I decided to keep knitting with the dark green Suri Merino. Story about the niece’s shawl beneath. I dropped by their apt to deliver it Tuesday, but they didn’t answer. I had a drawstring bag with me, so I hung it from the doorknob. I texted her to let her know. When she got home, it wasn’t there. I told her I hung it on a door with a wreath on it. Uh, that’s not their apartment!! LOL. Luckily their neighbor had it and handed it over. I was afraid I would be making ANOTHER Miss Dashwood so soon after the 2 I’ve just made.

I got back in the sewing room last night to catch up on my Patriotic Duty and October. Now I am ready for more block building on PD and Oct is ready for the Flying Geese I need to make the 9 patches into stars.

Can’t wait to get PD further along.
Can’t believe I am making such small 9 patches!

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*Our state is all East Coast time except for our former city and a small area by Chicago. it makes no sense for us to be on Eastern, because the entire state is closer to Chicago than New York!

18 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle Again

  1. claire93 says:

    can’t help chuckling at your description of New Year’s, doing “old people” things ^^
    If it makes you feel any younger, we neither went out nor waited for midnight before heading for bed ^^

  2. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Chris! I cannot believe you hung that beautiful shawl on the wrong door. Holy moly! I am so glad to read that she did get it though. Thank goodness for an honest neighbor. Phew. It sure looks pretty with Fallen Cloud on top of it – they both look so soft. Happy Thursday! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. DelightedHands says:

    Scary situation for a bit over the shawl! wow! I am glad for the happy ending!
    The new shawl looks like a good and very interesting knit!
    And aren’t you happy to be piecing again?!

    • chrisknits says:

      Absolutely! My heart dropped to my stomach when I read “It’s not here”! And being back at the sewing machine is wonderful!! No more travel for at least a week, so I can focus on sewing. > >

    • chrisknits says:

      It does get confusing when we head back to our hometown, they are an hour behind us. It was a big problem before Indy decided to change with the seasons. Before they stayed on the same time year round. Then it was VERY confusing! We could never remember which “time” Indy was on, so arriving for appts and flights was tricky. > >

  4. Vireya Jacquard says:

    I didn’t even manage to stay awake until midnight on NYE. I hope I’m not turning into my parents!

    So glad the beautiful shawl made it to the correct address thanks to a lovely neighbour.

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