January OMG

In 2019 I am using 5 methods to decide what to work on through the year. I am taking part in Judy’s UFO Challenge, I am doing my own Knit Challenge, a Sewing Challenge, 24 Hats and Cowls in 2019, and Jet Girl’s Planning Party. Part of my Planning Party goal was to work through a list of 12 newbie projects I plan to start in 2019, the Sewing Challenge.  Maybe these items would work each month for my OMG?

For January I choose The Snow Dudes so I can have it on my table for as much of the winter season as possible. I change out Christmas decor to snowmen until Feb 1st, when Valentine’s Day decor comes out. Maybe I should switch out to Spring items to encourage the warm air to return?

I am changing up the background and using a mottled blue to create a deep sky. I am not settled on a border fabric yet, I would like to use a plaid or a check, just need to dig in the stash to see what I have. I plan to keep the red inner border if it works with whatever outer border fabric I find.

Snowy skies, red borders, white snow, carrot nose, and black top hat.

So, what’s on your OMG this month? Big, small or in-between?

And for my UFO Challenge, the number drawn was 7, so that means October is going to be the project I work on this month. I would like to get this top done, quilted, and bound! Since it’s a mini size, it’s totally doable!

For my 2019 Knitting Challenge I am using the same number as the UFO Challenge, so #7 is…Finish Cable Shawl as a poncho. That seems totally doable, but since I am currently working on Fallen Cloud, I am switching out numbers. Who says I can’t cheat, it’s my Challenge!

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16 thoughts on “January OMG

  1. Hi Chris! Love this table runner and the snow dudes. It will be fun to display it quickly before V Day. And it certainly isn’t cheating when it’s your challenge to select an item to work on. I say work on what floats your boat or makes your heart sing. Happy Friday. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Those snowmen are so cute! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.

  3. Love that snowman table runner! I am doing Judy’s UFO challenge again, too. It helps me whittle down my good intentions as I am a better starter than finisher. This year I hope to do more sewing………

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