The Snow Dudes might finally make an Appearance, along with real snow!

My OMG for January is The Snow Dudes. I am altering it a bit, to suit my space and vision. I cut my background longer and more narrow which meant the snowflakes would need to be reduced to 1. I even changed out the snowflake for one I found online. I also changed the direction of the 2 HST blocks along the short side. My OCD wouldn’t allow them to stay as they were. LOL

Pattern no long available on Craftsy, not sure if she will be selling it anywhere else.

My altered version

I used a dark blue background to simulate a dusky sky, like a cold winter’s early evening. Love how the red inner border plays off that deep blue. For their eyes I raided my button jar and came up with several sets. One of the little snowmen has deep blue eyes instead of coal black! Just need to layer and quilt it so I can get it bound and on my table. And who knows, we are due for snow this weekend, so just maybe the Snow Dudes can be joined by some real snowmen?

I have been working on the cowl choice, No Harm No Cowl. I am not 100% happy with my color choices, but I am just going to ride it out and finish it. Since this is going into a gift box for Christmas  I am hoping it will take someone’s fancy. I think I am just going to put the items out and let my family pick. You never know what someone will love.

I know I should have used more of the green I cast on with sooner than I have,
but more of it is coming.

So, how are your challenges and goals going this month? Keeping up or barely treading water?

16 thoughts on “The Snow Dudes might finally make an Appearance, along with real snow!

  1. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Chris! Aww, I love the changes you made to the Snow Dudes. We’re due for some snow on Saturday, too. It sounds like half the country will be in this storm’s path. Great job on all the changes – how do you plan to quilt it? Just curious as I always seem to fall back on the crosshatch. I need to up my game a bit on table runners! Happy Thursday to you. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Vireya Jacquard says:

    Your Snow Dudes are wonderful! I much prefer your snowflake – snowflakes should have 6 arms, not 4 or 8. I would have had to turn those triangles, too. They would have driven me nuts the way the pattern has them.

  3. dezertsuz says:

    The runner looks wonderful! I like your altered version a lot. I hope you don’t get too much snow. Unless you really want it, and then I hope you get lots. LOL The cowl looks warm and lovely. I’m sure it will find a home. If it doesn’t, you can send it to me. =)

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