Friday Finish or Not

In this case, not. I haven’t finished anything since the hat I did last week. Maybe it’s because I am working on so many things at once? Could be. Or maybe it’s because I am working on things that just take longer to finish than a baby hat? No matter, I am enjoying the making, so that’s more important than finishes.

The Fallen Cloud shawl has now used up 2 skeins of the Suri Merino I am knitting with. Oh my, this stuff feels like a cloud!! So soft and airy. I am so ready to wrap up in it’s warmth. But that day is 4 skeins away. I am knitting until I use every bit of it! That’s also a goal for this year. Use the yarn I have wisely, no leftovers. This means pairing patterns and yarn to optimize the yardage I have on hand.

Another day, another yarn purchase! LOL. This is for CarGuy’s hat, he’s Diva’s Beau.

I stopped in at Serendipity Fibers to see what I could find for hats for Diva and CarGuy. She had a light selection due to a move happening soon. I definitely will try to get back to visit again. I am planning to use Fredrica’s Hat to show off the cables as best as possible in the black Liberty yarn. I could have bought some luscious Alpaca for Diva’s hat, but at $18.00 a skein I thought better. I would have had to buy 2 skeins! I just bought her a $36.00 mini skirt, no $36.00 hat on top of that!

So, what’s on your needles today? Sewing is on my agenda for later, sorry I don’t have any progress to show today!

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15 thoughts on “Friday Finish or Not

  1. pumpkin sunrise says:

    I finished one project this week but I started it a month ago. I wish I could finish reading books faster but I knit more than I read these days. I bet you finish something next week 🙂

  2. Tish says:

    The problem with internet…I cannot reach out and touch things 🙂 I want to touch the beautiful little green wing in the first picture. It looks like it will be super cozy when you get finished.

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