Wednesday WIPs

Today is a travel day and I am likely in the air. I love when you travel west, your flight times seem highly impossible. Like leaving Indy at 9:30 AM and arriving in Chicago at 9:45 AM. Never mind the fact we arrive in Seattle 5 “hours” after we take off from Indy, with a 2 hour layover in Chicago. That’s fast!

Since I am not WIPping today, I thought I would ask for help on a fabric pull I put together. I got the two Fat Quarters to the left in this photo from a shop I found in Terre Haute, IN. Wabash Valley Fabrics is a nice store. I don’t know why I was drawn to these two fabrics. The colors are black, oyster, olive, and gold.

The other day I was looking through a Charm Square bundle I bought from Heaven On Earth in Wabash, IN. Hmm, I am seeing a theme here. There were lots of pieces that had the same colors as my FQs. And then I thought to put them all with an oyster colored remnant I had. I LOVE IT! But, I have no clue what to make with them!!!

Help! Can you think of a Charm Square friendly pattern that would work? Maybe something that would use the squares sparingly? Obviously I can’t make a big item, but since I have two FQs, they could be repeated in a block that highlights the charms. I have over 1/2 yard of the oyster, so I can do a lot of background. Which might be wise to keep it from being too dark.

Here’s some EQMini mock ups of contenders: Fox and GeeseWreath StarRocky MountainChurn Dash

Goodness! Now I want to make all of them!


I have got to stop it with the polls! 🤣 Of course I will be dreaming of these the entire time I am in Seattle! Maybe I need the separation to fully research all my options?

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20 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPs

  1. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Chris! I hope all is going well. More snow here today. I’m kind of digging on the polls. It is fun to see how the votes are going after you’ve cast one. Seems like the national polls could do something differently – cast your vote for President and see how your district is doing. Anyhoo – Terre Haute?!! My brother and family lived there for years – now most of them are in Indy. I love all those fabrics together, and the oyster will be fab as the main background. Have fun with sissy! ~smile~ Roseanne

    • chrisknits says:

      After leaving my house at 6:30 am Eastern, we have arrived at the hotel at 5:30 Pacific? Don’t ask me to do the math! Thanks for voting. We count all votes! I can’t even decide which one to vote for!!


  2. ldyjarhead says:

    Love the fabric, and love your pattern options, but I think I like the way the colors play out in Rocky Mountain.

    Lost my list of blogs that I follow, but since I found you on a linkup today, I’m adding yours to my new list!

  3. inquiringquilter says:

    You’ve got a lovely dilemma! I predict this is going to look great no matter what pattern you choose. Thanks for linking up to Wednesday Wait Loss.

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