Wednesday WIPs

This week’s WIP is actually a FO!! At the start of 2019 I listed 12 items I wanted to complete this year. Most of them were completed tops that needed quilting, but a few were still at the piecing stage and needed completion. This month’s UFO Challenge was one such project. October was cut and just needed to be pieced. I wasn’t sure I would get it to a completed stage, but I did!! Here is its journey.

Fabric pull and strip piecing
9 Patches with Flying Geese added to make stars
Alternating blocks of green and peach, sashing and borders on
Binding on, pieced back with hanging sleeve, straightline stitching in border

Ta-da! Peach Fuzz hanging on m y sewing room wall!

I bought the mushroom Fat Quarters at Always In Stitches during one of their FQ sales, love them!! I had the white on hand and thought I would use the checked fabric for the binding, but it was too big for the width I was using. The check would have been lost.

Once it was sandwiched I took a tip from another blogger, can’t remember now, and used my specialty stitches in the sashings to create a zig zag. I used my walking foot to outline the stars and did straight line quilting 5/8″ apart on the border, radiating the lines through the corners. Overall I am well pleased with my quilting approach. I have a few more specialty stitches I cold use on other minis in the future.

Ta-Da! October, which will now be named Peach Fuzz

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31 thoughts on “Wednesday WIPs

  1. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Chris! Peach Fuzz (love the name) looks so darn nice on your sewing room wall. And that hanger you picked up looks perfect with it too! This has got to make you smile when you gaze at it, and a UFO finish is just super. One down! ~smile~ Roseanne

    • chrisknits says:

      I did, it is a lovely area, just wished I could have gotten closer to those mountains! I did get to see the snow capped Olympics as we headed to the airport. So gorgeous. > >

  2. inquiringquilter says:

    Love the name! The colors in this are wonderful! Congrats on a UFO finished! Isn’t it great to get that off your list? I love it when I finally finish something. Thanks for sharing this on Wednesday Wait Loss.

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