Monday FO and Fun

So hard to believe that last week I was flying home from Seattle! During the 2nd leg of our flight to Seattle I started a hat for Diva. I picked up these lovely cakes from Mass Ave Knits to make this hat. I cast on the hat the moment I got settled on the plane. Before the plane even backed out from the gate I had a good amount knit. We were delayed due to weather, de-icing the plane was taking time.

Once we finally got queued for take off it seemed to take forever. The captain informed us a plane behind us had a medical emergency. A passenger had a heart attack. Oh no! We had to get out of the way to allow that plane to travel back to the terminal. It was not a good travel day for many going through Chicago.

By the time we were wheels up I had 3″ of ribbing completed! I started the cabling, but my row mate was spread a little too much into my space, so it was dueling elbows! And then his leg spread into my leg room. Grr. I finally gave up and just played games on my phone for the remainder of the trip.

While we were in Seattle I finished the hat. Once home I auditioned Poofs for the hat, I think they are so classy. Husbter had picked up some Poofs for me, so I asked Diva what color she wanted. White was the answer. I struggle to add Poofs because they have that stretchy loop on them. I ended up using sewing thread to tack down the loop as best I could. Does anyone have a suggestion for a better way?

Ta-Da! Miss Cable loves Poofs more than Pom Poms
Here’s a link to make the Poofs! Thanks Nothing But Knit!

Friday was a Guild workshop with Heather Givens of Crimson Tate here in Indy. She is a DELIGHT!!! This is our 2nd class with her and we would probably have her each month if we could! She taught her Succulent Garden quilt this time. Here are some photos of the wonderful blocks being created!

Heather on the far right, she is that full of energy nonstop!

The reds on the right really stole the show. Diane is owner of a darling online boutique where she sells her creations.

The African Mudcloth on the left was her assistant David’s project.

The last 2 photos were blocks from some of the attendees, they just put their hexagons up to get a feel for how you can use just about any fabrics together to create a harmonious top.

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29 thoughts on “Monday FO and Fun

  1. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Chris! Glad you made it safely home. Annoying seat partners are just so, well, annoying. HAHA! Sorry you had to give up knitting for Mr. Personal Space Hogger. What a cute hat and I agree with the white poof choice, hands down. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Judy Domke says:

    Thanks for sharing the hat pattern. It’s adorable and my granddaughters will love it! Sorry your seat mate was a jerk. Why do people think that’s ok. Love the hexi blocks! They look so fun.

  3. Helen says:

    I had no idea that poofs existed!

    Are the blocks put together in rows before joining them back into the hexagons? Otherwise it looks like set-in seams. They are all so different but fun.

    I think first class is the way to go. If we could afford it we would!

    • chrisknits says:

      Yes, they do! You can find them online, or in hard to find places. LOL The rows are built by sewing half hexagons and then joining those rows together. So no awkward seams! I’ve had 1 trip in First Class, when Husbter had a free upgrade!! But too many flights spent in coach. Bah! > >

  4. Jeannie Gray Wiant (@JGKnits) says:

    Sounds like a horrible travel experience but the hat is fantastic! For sewing on poofs with the little elastic thing, just use the end of the yarn and sew through the hat, through the loop and into the hat from the opposite side, then come back up through the hat from the right of the original stitch (or left, doesn’t matter) and repeat. Do this 4 times to form a cross going through the elastic thing and sewing from each of the 4 sides. I saw this in a youtube video and can not believe how sturdy it makes the attachment. The poof won’t wobble all over the place. Hope that made sense. Haven’t had much coffee yet. 🙂

  5. quiteayarnblog says:

    Your hat looks great! The white poof is definitely a good finishing touch! Annoying seatmates can really wreck a flight, especially when the flight has as many delays and hassles as yours did. However, looks like you had an excellent class to make up for it 🙂 Another great crafty week!

  6. Sue H says:

    Thanks for the poof pattern’s link. I love it and it surely makes the hat. Looks like a very fun class. A great teacher makes all the difference, doesn’t it?

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