Wednesday WIPs

Tuesday I ran back to our home town for hair cuts for myself and the pups. It’s hard to switch stylists when yours is your niece! And the dogs’ groomer is such a sweet person, and charges almost half of what we have to pay in Indy. They aren’t show dogs, plus they couldn’t care less if they have bandanas when they leave the groomer. That means I am not home at the machine to sew. But that’s OK, I have my knitting to comfort me.

One of the things I did before leaving town was prep some projects. On tap for sewing are several pillowcases, my mystery blocks*, and the February Challenge I am joining in with. Here is what some of the fabrics looked like before I started cutting.


And after cutting


Sorry for the bad lighting in those last photos, it was that or seriously yellow fabric from the overhead light. Why can’t I have true daylight all day long! Well, I mean a light I can turn on that is close to true daylight at night.

Now I am ready to sew when I get back home. No dithering about which prints to use for the Mystery Blocks-which involved a lot of phone photos converted to mono to test values, or what colors to put together for pillowcases, it will just be a question of which project to start first! That might involve more dithering but I will try to limit it to 1 minute or less.

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*Our blocks are dark/medium geese, light background

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