Well, I couldn’t just pass it up, now could I?

I spent the last few days back in the city of my birth for my monthly hair cut, and this time the dogs got their hairs cut too! My sister asked if we went to the same “groomer”. She’s so funny. NOT! I time the trips so that I can knit with friends. This trip was timed perfectly as one of my knitting buds brought some yarn to destash. I brought home 3 skeins of Ella Rae, 2 skeins Plymouth Galway, and 4 skeins of Classic Elite Lush. 1530 yards and 9 skeins of stash added to my totals. 1530 yards I don’t need. But I am sure I will l find a use for them.

After knitting I ran by Let’s Sew, which I just happened to have a gift card for. I got 10 FQs and 2 yards of cream for background use. I passed up some gorgeous poppy fabric, but I really had no idea what to use it for, so it had to stay there. Of the FQs I got two of each of the purples and 4 of the teal on the right. I need to open up that large print on the left to show that the purples and blue match it perfectly!!! No idea what it will become, for now it will live in my stash.

And last, but not least, my favorite restaurant was visited and I got my usual basket of Honey Butter Croissants with Pecans. And I ate all 5! Well, not all at once, it did take me a day or so. Yes, they are as awesome as they look.

Today is for sewing since I took my knitting with me the last 2 days. I have too many things I want to get done. Hope Hubster wasn’t expecting dinner tonight!!!

16 thoughts on “Well, I couldn’t just pass it up, now could I?

  1. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Chris! That yarn looks gorgeous to me! Can you make a baby or child’s hat from one skein? Better to use the gift card while you remember you have it – who wants it to languish in your purse when you could have stash that you may use?! And those honey butter croissants look and sound delicious – sans pecans anyway as I’m allergic. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Vireya says:

    Those croissants sounds fantastic!

    If I could find someone who could cut my hair, I’d be willing to travel vast distances to see them. It is 4 years since I moved to this area, and I still haven’t found someone who can cut hair like mine.

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