Friday Finishes or Not

I got back home Wednesday and was too tired to sew, but Thursday was a good day to get back in the sewing room. Since it rained Cats and Dogs all day I was not going anywhere that involved driving, walking, swimming, or floating! Before leaving town I had prepped several projects so I was eager to get to them.

These          became           This         and then         This
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A sweet mini that measures 14.5″x19″ unfinished. Just need to come up with a quilting plan. I am thinking just cross-hatch the entire thing keeping with the diagonals created by the 9 Patches set on point.

These            became          These

4 pillowcases for Damar, an organization our Guild supports that deals with boys who have autism. I hope they love the sea creatures!

These           became          These    to be added to     These

I only needed 6 blocks for my Mystery BOM, but these Flying Geese Pinwheels were difficult to choose fabrics for, needing to have a good contrast. I hit it on some, failed on others, but I am going with what I got! The one I thought I would love the most shows the least contrast. Green one on the upper left. But I just didn’t have a lighter green I could use.

In the knitting area Chain is halfway done, but it’s a black cabled hat, no picture will show its pattern. Fallen Cloud is on 5/6 skeins!!! The end is drawing near! It still looks the same, only longer.

Diva came over last night and I gave her the Poof hat, she loves it. Portia, her youngest Husky, kept trying to grab the Poof! Diva brought me my Birthday present. She knows me well! But I’ve been good, I’ve only eaten 3 of the cookies. I haven’t bought these lately, because I devour them! The rule is, only 3 at a time. Sure, that might mean 3 times an hour, but who’s counting?

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20 thoughts on “Friday Finishes or Not

  1. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Chris! It sounds like Happy Birthday is in order. It sounds like you’ve had a fabulously productive week with lots of things being repurposed into new quilty goodness. Those cookies look lethal and very, very good. Enjoy and stay warm! ~smile~ Roseanne

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