Tuesday To-Do

My list last week:

  1. Finish Chain X
  2. Knit on Fallen Cloud 
  3. Applique Hearts 
  4. Make Pillowcases 
  5. Make February Mystery Blocks for AABRQ 

For the most part a great week. For this week, obviously the first task is Chain.

  1. Finish Chain hat 
  2. Knit on Fallen Cloud
  3. Finish Hearts On A String
  4. Bind February Mini 
  5. Start Churn Dash
  6. Make Afghan Square

Those last 2 items will hopefully see some progress and all the others will come to finishes. I was hoping to be done with Fallen Cloud at this point, but the rows just keep getting longer!!!

Yesterday was our Guild meeting and we had a wonderful artist speak. Barbara is a photographer first and that medium lead her into quilting. What a treasure we have right here In Indiana!

Even though I need NO fabric enhancing I shopped the sales table. When baggies are marked .75 cents you grab whatever you can! 6 baggies yielded 5 yards of fabric. For $4.50 I got lots of FQs, yardage, and scraps. No clue why I needed all these, let’s just say emotion took over. Or the color orange, whichever.

And, I won half of the BOM Hearts I wasn’t even going to put my name in even though I made a block. This  wasn’t my favorite block. I will probably finish these as a top and donate it to the Guild for a charity quilt. Except, that black background might not appeal to many. What to do. Any suggestions?

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20 thoughts on “Tuesday To-Do

  1. Rebecca Grace says:

    Don’t let the black background hold you back. I can think of several fabrics in my stash that would help — bold red florals, rose prints on black backgrounds but the fabric is mostly red with just a little black. You can mix in things like that. Or, you could mix with black and white and other primary colors and it would be great for a baby quilt. Black/white, high contrast and primary colors are currently in vogue for infants because the scientists say newborn vision isn’t fully developed and they can see those high contrasts better than pastels — hence the mobiles and “baby brain development” toys with that color scheme.

  2. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Chris! I sure can’t fault you for snagging as many baggies as you could. That looks like a nice haul – how could you pass it up?!! Hmm, black hearts. I’ve got nothing for you unless you introduce some hearts with white backgrounds as well – like a checkerboard effect. Congrats on winning! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. quiteayarnblog says:

    Looks like a great meeting! Yay for your good shopping finds and for your win! I think the black background looks great – true, it won’t appeal to everyone, but it will find a home 🙂

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