Wednesday WIP is a FO

I am in a FB group, hosted by Kathleen Tracy, that releases a Mystery Block each month. I am having fun with it even though I don’t usually like mysteries. Maybe it’s the blocks, maybe the samples I see posted by the other members? Hopefully I will continue to participate.

Kathleen also does a mini challenge each month. This month she did a Nine Patch with borders. She used pink and brown and I fell in love. I am so not a pink person. LOL Bright Fuchsia, yes, dull pink, not. But the brown and pink combo has been growing on me. So, I thought why not. Did I have pink in my stash? Remember the Hearts On A String project? That used FQs from a bundle that had pink and cream, and the brown was jelly roll leftovers.

When I went to sandwich the project I had to get creative to keep from cutting into my larger batts. I just followed Fabric Addicts tut and used interfacing to make Frankenbatting. Once layered I did a simple crosshatch edge to edge just to get it done. I offset the lines so they went through the 9 Patches instead of in the ditch.


Post wash

The top colors are too red and the bottom photos are too orange. Finished size pre-wash 14.5″x19″, after washing it’s 13.5″x18″. I wish it had been a little longer, to center better on the table where it will live, but that’s just my OCDness talking. And that’s how I completely dropped everything and made a mini in colors I didn’t even think I liked. What about you, have you worked in colors that were just not your thing?

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22 thoughts on “Wednesday WIP is a FO

  1. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Chris! Another project that qualifies for a DrEAMi post! It shrunk a whole inch in both directions after washing – that always amazes me. I love your fabric choices – I’m not a fan of pink and brown but you really made it work. ~smile~ Roseanne

    • chrisknits says:

      Thanks! I am amazed how much it shrank considering it’s small size. It’s hard for me to not wash my fabrics before using, but with charm squares, it’s really hard to do! So I just have to have faith when washing that things won’t go too small. I came from garment sewing where you do NOT sew with unwashed fabrics. LOL > >

  2. nothingbutknit2 says:

    The pink and brown do look really nice together. I love the idea of mystery projects. They can be so good (or really horrific).
    I’ve put purple and green together and liked it. I’m not much of a green person. I really prefer blue.

  3. KJ says:

    That is really pretty. Congratulations for getting out of your colour comfort zone. I used to stay away from yellow until I dyed some of my own fabric and used it as the main fabric in a quilt. I love it.

    • chrisknits says:

      Thanks! I wish I could wear yellow, or actually gold tones. But my coloring doesn’t mix well with it. I tend to avoid the bright yellows, although I have some indigo charms and bright yellow fabrics to use in a quilt some day. > >

  4. Shasta Matova says:

    I’ve followed Kathleen Tracy for quite a while and have made quilts from her patterns. These are both beautiful – the mystery blocks and the quilt, and very tempting. I am trying hard to stay focused on the starts I already have made this year. I don’t really have any colors I avoid – I used to avoid orange but I grew into it again.

    • chrisknits says:

      I figure her BOM is an easy sew, not too hard and not too much. I don’t know that I will do the minis each month, this one just happened because I had already had the pink Fat Quarters out for another project. So it sparked joy in my brain. I LOVE ORANGE!!! Every shade from rust to coral!!! > >

  5. inquiringquilter says:

    You’re a hoot! You don’t like pink and brown but you get inspired by a pink and brown quilt and then immediately make one! And what a sweetie it is. Makes me wonder why you don’t like pink and brown. I once designed a pink and brown quilt because I love the combination so. It does get under your skin, doesn’t it? Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

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