Monday Design Wall

No design on the wall floor because I have a FO!!! I decided to play along with Hands 2 Help this year and make a charity quilt. I had saved some orphan blocks I abandoned in the 1990’s and it was time to put them to good use. I did not want to move them a 3rd time! The block goes by a few names I think, Chick and Hen or Grandmother’s Choice, which is what I call it. I had enough to make two tops by just adding a few more blocks. I made a larger quilt for our local guild charity, here is the post about it. That left the smaller quilt to make. For some reason I thought I made this big enough for Quilty Hugs, but I missed it by 6″!!! Happily it will be perfect for Jack’s Basket.

From a flimsy….

to a blanket of love!



As always, I had no clue how to quilt this. I thought about diagonal lines from the center out in 4 quadrants, however I just started sewing around the block units in the ditch. I ended up outlining all but the corner squares. I just couldn’t figure out a path without a bunch of over stitching. For the border I was thinking about creating a plaid effect, but it wasn’t really necessary since it’s already a PLAID! LOL. I just eyeballed a diamond shape by going point to point on the plaid. Worked fine until the corners, each one has it’s own charm. LOL! But not a diamond in even 1 of them. Oh well, It’s the comfort, not perfection we are going for. To make it durable I machine stitched the binding down. I am not sold on that method, but it’s more secure than hand tacking.  I worked on this all Saturday in between bouts with this visitor!

Not 100% potty trained yet so lots of making sure she wasn’t watering the floors!

And now I am on to other things and new beginnings! But more about that tomorrow.

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30 thoughts on “Monday Design Wall

      • Denise says:

        That’s really kind of you to say but coming up with quilting ideas is my biggest struggle. Recently I’ve come up with a new approach, just do it. Do what comes to mind at the moment, if I have a lightbulb moment while loading it-just do it and the rest will follow. The more time I spend trying to decide what to do the more flustered I get. I have a few designs I’d like to make and enter the quilts in shows but I can’t until my quilting ideas improve. So for now, I’ll just do it.

      • chrisknits says:

        Isn’t it funny how we always critic ourselves more than others? And I understand what you mean about the struggle, I also find it comes easier if I just start something, even if I decide later I should have done it differently. Hopefully I sock that idea away for the next time.


  1. Diann Bottrell says:

    That looks like a great way to use up some orphan blocks! It turned out beautifully! I always have a hard time deciding how to quilt my projects, too – they always end up with whatever is easiest.

  2. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Chris! It looks like you had a fabulous visitor to keep you company. This quilt is just oozing love – it’s such a nice finish. I adore all the post-wash squishiness. ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. dezertsuz says:

    A great finish to that top I liked. The quilting sounds just right, and the diamonds were a good choice for the borders.

  4. Sarah Craig says:

    It’s a wonderful quilt, and I thank you for introducing me to a new block! Thanks for being part of H2H this year!

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