Charity Sewing

The guild I belong to has a lot of opportunity to sew for charitable causes. We sew pillowcases for Autistic children, baby quilts, adult quilts, dresses for children, and reuasble pads for teens. A few weeks ago I went to our sewing bee to start a new charity quilt. A 4* Hour Carpenter Star.

At home I was able to finish piecing the charity quilt, in a few more 4 hour sessions. LOL I am making this for our Christmas Day give back. The pattern and fabric was put together by one of our members who knows people. LOL! She got a generous donation of coordinating fabrics from a local textile designer. What a wonderful gift we were given. And we can pass on that bounty by making quilts for those stuck in the hospital on Christmas Day.

Without borders: 48″x60″
With borders: 56″x68″

The photos above do not show the true colors.
It’s a very dark green with subtle variations.

I have used all of the sunflower print except for some border remnants, the cream barkish print is the only one I have enough to get binding from, and the green is somewhere in between the others. I think someone said there is more of the fabric in our storage room, so I might look to see if I can grab more of the print to make the binding.

The next step is deciding if I will quilt it or beg, pleadcajolebribe, politely ask my friend if she wants to use it for long arm practice. All that negative space calls for fun quilting, but not on my domestic.

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*4 Hours my little toe!

17 thoughts on “Charity Sewing

  1. Maggie says:

    It looks great! Someone will be very happy to receive it.
    I love that your guild does so much for charity. It’s so rewarding to craft for good.

  2. Denise says:

    It turned out great!!! You are making me want to do one even more seeing your finished top. Hmm, I wonder what blocks I could match up with it. Thank you for linking up with me today.

  3. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Chris! What a fabulously lovely quilt. I love the idea that it is for someone stuck in the hospital on Christmas. Knowing they will be covered with love from your guild member is such a heartwarming thought. And to have one ready in June – well, how sweet is that?! I’ll be your friend will jump at the chance for the FMQ longarm practice. I know I would. ~smile~ Roseanne

    • chrisknits says:

      I am continually amazed at this core group of women. There’s about 30 of the 150 members who show up for everything, with about 20 more who show up for other events, and all are always so giving. I am thankful to be considered one of the group! > >

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