Baby Quilt OMG Done! Picture heavy!

You guys! I love this quilt!!! It started off being a difficult concept for me to get, trying to create secondary circles. I didn’t quite meet that goal, but the finish is so cute I don’t care!!!

I took a class last November with Crimson Tate to make Footnote. I made a few blocks and then put the project away. It got put on my 2019 UFOs list and this month it was time to finish it as my OMG. I set up shop at my sister’s while visiting and got the top pieced.

Once home I added border and backing and sandwiched the layers.

I knew I would copy Roseanne’s spiral quilting tutorial.

I started with a circle in the center square and then angled off until I had a good width,  using my quilt bar to keep the distance consistent. Well, somewhat! While I quilted, I prayed for mom and baby, in the hospital awaiting the arrival. Mom has childhood diabetes so they were trying to get her to a safe point for delivery.

I made the binding from a Fat quarter and remnant having {just} enough to cover the edge! I spent Saturday afternoon sewing down the binding/attaching the label, and then washed and dried the quilt.


I dropped by the hospital Sunday morning but Mom was getting an ultrasound so I left the package with the nurses. We went to a graduation picnic and then headed back to Indy. While  in the car I got a text from Grandma, Dr’s decided to take the baby by C-section and he arrived around 2:00. Just in time!

It’s named “Circle of Life”. The center square is the baby, the “secondary” circles, created by block placement, are the relatives who surround the baby. The spirals are the ripples emanating out from the baby as his life will touch each of the family members. Gma told me this was perfect as The Lion King is one of Momma’s favorite movies.

When I started this quilt I had no clue it would turn into a baby quilt.  Until 3 days ago, I had no idea who I’d give it to, and that it would be gifted in the manner it was. But God knew and directed my path.

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43 thoughts on “Baby Quilt OMG Done! Picture heavy!

  1. Hi Chris! What a wonderful story to go with a wonderful quilt. I hope someday the mom and baby get to hear the meaning and story behind the quilt. I am 100% certain that she was just thrilled to receive your gift just in time to wrap him up in all of your love. It sure is lovely and I really like the additional movement the spiral quilting gives to this piece. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. What a wonderful story behind this quilt. From starting to how it was gifted…beautiful and what quilting is all about!

  3. Your quilt turned out to made at just the right time with the perfect recipient right there. Beautiful quilt perfectly timed!

  4. He always does, if we are open to Him! What a beautiful quilt, a beautiful story, and a beautiful ending to the class quilt.

  5. That is a beautiful quilt, the quilting enhances it beautifully. And I share that experience of not always knowing at the beginning who the quilt is for, but being guided by God. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. The quilt is lovely! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your project.

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