Another quilt done, but not one I can claim.

A few weeks ago I read a shared post on FB from a friend. It told of a young girl battling a rare and invasive cancer. My heart was stirred to provide comfort to this young one, but I knew I had nothing close enough to a completed stage to send off. I put out a plea to the guild for a possible quilt donation for Calla and got an immediate response  from a lovely lady in our guild.  The only issue was, it needed to be bound. Annie had recently been through shoulder surgery, so her ability to sew was on hold. No problem, I got this! I picked up the quilt/binding fabric and then shopped for some purples to make pillowcases.

I finally got to the sewing on Saturday, while waiting for word about where and when my Mom would be hospitalized. I doubted I would have time to get much done, but the hospital didn’t have a bed available, so we were played a waiting game. Surprisingly I got it all done! The Burrito Pillowcases are quick and easy and make great gifts. I used the binding fabric for the trim between the 2 purchased fabrics.

The quilt was made for Annie’s young grand-daughter who decided she didn’t like it! For 6 years it has sat unfinished. In no time at all I had the binding attached and sewn down by machine. Amazing how fast it goes with the machine doing all the work.

Love Churn Dash!!!

Annie’s lovely quilting from the back.

When I went to pick up the quilt and fabric Annie gave me a tour of her basement studio. OH MY!!! I was in awe and envy of her wonderful space. I would never leave! And it was fun to meet her 4 legged family members, especially the still-a-pup golden retriever.

Sorry for the blue photos, I had little time to take photos before rushing off to the ER to join my parents. The shade really altered the color.

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23 thoughts on “Another quilt done, but not one I can claim.

    • chrisknits says:

      Thank you. They think they have pinpointed her problems, but we are still waiting for the MRI results to rule out a TIA. She is back to normal, so we hope they have the diagnosis right. > >

  1. Ramona says:

    Quilters are the best! What a wonderful team effort to provide a comfort quilt for this child. I hope your mom is ok. Sending prayers her way.

  2. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Chris! I hope all is going well with your mom. How scary – I’m glad you could go join them in the ER. Sometimes just your presence can add a calming air. What a lovely quilt that is now giving comfort and love to a young one. Much better than sitting around for six years. {{Hugs}} I’ll add you and your parents to my prayers! ~smile~ Roseanne

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