Nothing at all to do with sewing or knitting, very long

Ah life, it sure gets in the way of living!

My parents had been in town since Tuesday last week to care for my sister’s dogs while she was in DC.

Wednesday early PM: I had to go get my sister’s youngest dog, the one who uses my house for his bathroom, and take him to the vet because he wasn’t eating and was having diarrhea. Hundreds of dollars later, 3 meds, new food, and treats I have to take him back to my car in a monsoon!!!! For the next several days my Mom will be trying to dose him with meds and new diet. Not very successful.

Saturday AM: I spoke with mom, speech was garbled/wasn’t making sense. Instead of pill she kept trying to say pickle. She’s had double vision and weakness for a while now. I told her to go to ER, she declined because she had lunch plans with friends.

Saturday AM: texted my sister to echo my plea for ER. Again declined because she had to eat lunch with friends. But she would go after lunch.

Saturday early PM: My sister called and told me Mom was headed to ER. Er, wrong. When Sis called to check on her ER visit Mom was SHOPPING!!!! Grrr! Mothers, listen to your children when they tell you to go to the ER.

Saturday mid PM: Put dogs in car, drove them to my sister’s house, and met parents at ER. They want her transferred to hospital, but no beds available. She is diagnosed with dehydration and bladder infection, want an MRI to rule out stroke.

Saturday late PM: finally, at 11:00 PM we were allowed to proceed to the hospital. They “found” a bed in the neurology unit. I deposit her and got to my sister’s about 1:30 AM Tuesday, slept for 4 hours.

Sunday AM: head to hospital, they ran two ultrasounds, no one comes to discuss the findings. Some random Dr comes in, can’t understand his accent and he basically tells us nothing.

Sunday midday: Waiting for an MRI that never comes. Finally get info from nurse it could be today it could be tomorrow. Argh! Still no discussion of the two ultrasound results.

Sunday afternoon: I leave to go let out dogs and feed them. Stay at my sister’s house. At some point I am reduced to tears because I couldn’t get my Mt Dew bottle open. No seriously, I was sobbing and just asking God to please let me open the bottle. I’m dying! LOL Note to self: remind my sister she needs a grippy pad thingie.

Sunday early PM: Since Friday we have been dealing with Diva’s house and her 2 huskies while we are worried she won’t survive the Dominican Republic. Hubster is on duty Sunday and the internet goes out. He tries to get it back on, no dice, he looks out back window, part of the tree has come down on their fence. Seriously?! He goes to buy a chain saw to cut off the part impacting fence.

Sunday night: Finally has MRI, I talk to a Dr I can understand who says he suspects Myasthenia Gravis. Will do blood work on Monday, test results take 1-3 weeks.

Monday AM: talk to mom by phone, Random Dr we can’t understand wants to keep her overnight to monitor kidneys, I find out Mom’s home Dr told her she was in Stage 4(?) Renal failure, excuse me? But the Dr never “told” her what to do about it. Don’t believe any of that at this point, my Mom prefers to think nothing is ever wrong with her cause she’s not old or unhealthy, ever. Denial is a bad thing. Since she isn’t going home I decide to take my dogs back home and then I will decide what to do from there.

Monday midday: Stop at hospital to drop off her things, she’s being discharged?!! I guess between her and nurse they talk to Random Dr again and decide her kidney numbers aren’t that bad and she can go home after she sees the Neurologist. I proceed home.

Monday afternoon: Neuro says she can go home, she will come back for treatment if it’s MG. Chris is in her sewing room making a pillow!!! Yay for sewing sanity!

I am exhausted, but glad this is finally finding closure.

So, what’s up in your corner of the sewing room today?

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22 thoughts on “Nothing at all to do with sewing or knitting, very long

    • chrisknits says:

      Another comment that was in the Spam folder. Thank you so much for your kind comment. She is still struggling with some issues, but we hope a diagnosis will soon help us determine where to go from here.

  1. delightedhands says:

    Chris, I am so sorry it has been such a harrowing few days! They do seem to pile on like that!
    Prayers for calm and cooperation….

  2. Karen Goad says:

    isn’t it horrible when you are with someone at the hospital or doctor’s office and you can’t understand the doctor – there is nothing worse – I hate to keep saying I can’t understand your English sometimes that is the way it is though and you finally have to call a nurse or someone in later to please try to explain it all in English to you! I hope your mother is now better or at least excepting that something is wrong with her.- I take it your dad is not on top of this – how old is your mom?

    • chrisknits says:

      That was just one more frustration to add to the long list! But we now have a plan of action and the 4 siblings are going to be having a discussion with 84 yrs mom and 88 yrs dad. 2 of us are 3 hours away from them and the other two live in their area. Hard to help when so far away.


  3. Maggie says:

    Oh goodness, so sorry you had to go through all that. This kind of uncertainty and lack of information is the worst, especially in situations like that. Been there, done that, sadly. Last year when my husband had heart issues, it was just one big mess. I have to say though things around my mother are going quite smoothly.

    • chrisknits says:

      It’s just so frustrating not knowing what’s going on or what they are looking at. Sorry your husband’s episode caused worry, but so glad your mom’s situation is going well. I know that is hard for you being so far away. > >

  4. wanderingcatyarns says:

    Oh Gee. We had a similar problem with Dave’s grandma a few years back. Most of the family just wanted to put her in a nursing home and be done with it (not evening bothering to get her confusion checked out first). It ended up being a urinary tract infection, three weeks later she was right as rain, and is still living independently (Dave’s Mom moved in with her, but she’s really there just in case – right now Grandma does just fine on her own – she’s 92!). Before the diagnoses and treatment though, it was about a week of chaos trying to get things sorted.
    I hope your mother is feeling better and you’ve been able to find yourself some calm! (and an easy-to-open Mountain Dew!)

    • chrisknits says:

      Thank you. I never knew that was an issue with elderly patients! So far so good and we are just waiting for test results and a treatment solution! Oh, I switched to cans, much easier to open! LOL > >

  5. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Chris! {{{HUGS}}}} . Good grief. I sure hope all that wrong diagnoses are just that – wrong. Renal failure, MG??!! And then you can go home? What? I hope she’s home now, enjoying herself. It sounds like that was one frustrating experience all around.

    • chrisknits says:

      Thank you! The MG diagnosis needs confirmed and until then no treatment can be given. But it’s just a steroid regimen, so easily treatable! Now, the renal stuff, we need to get a hold of that Dr ASAP! >

  6. Jeannie Gray Wiant (@JGKnits) says:

    Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry you’ve had to deal with all that Chris. Glad your mom was well enough to be discharged and I’m sorry I laughed at the image of you crying over the unopened Mt. Dew. I remember how it was going through issues with my parents’ failing health and how sometimes the simplest, craziest thing would be the thing that caused me to loose it. Big giant hugs to you! Hope you can get some peace through your sewing and find an open bottle of Mt. Dew!

  7. mildlygranola says:

    What an awful situation. I’m sorry you have to deal with all of this. I hope you get some sewing in to calm your mind, or if you have anything to frog now would be a good time (I would like to stress rip something out).

  8. quiteayarnblog says:

    OMG I am so sorry this is going on with your Mom! It’s scary and upsetting when this sort of thing happens. Prayers for all to be OK with your Mom and for patience and fortitude for you!

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