Thursday Thoughts

Somewhere along the way I dropped the Fox and Geese project and just couldn’t get myself to  get back to it. I was 16 blocks shy of the 64 needed and had no desire to sew them. After finishing a project on Monday I thought I would start a new one with The Crafty Quilter. But the fabrics hadn’t been washed, so no go. OK, load the laundry. Hmm, what to sew? Oh look, there’s the 16 blocks you need to finish.

OK, I will sew my normal set of 4. Even though I counted out 39- 2″ squares in red, oyster, and blue to make a table runner. But I had purple thread in the machine. And I had counted out 16 more r,o,b squares to make a something, I still didn’t want to change thread.

 I sewed the 4 blocks together. And remembered why I hate them. I might have shared that from start to finish 1 block goes through 12 trimmings!!! And that doesn’t even count the initial cutting of the pieces for each block. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

Anyway, here’s the recent 4 in a nice olive shade leaf print.

Now, only 12 more to go, ugh!

Wednesday I met up with a new friend to sit and knit at a local bistro style restaurant. So much fun to get to know a new friend and share our love of knitting. Hoped to get the hat finished, but we talked more than we knit! LOL There’s always today to finish that hat. I could have knit on the hat once I got home from visiting, but that fabric I needed washed, before I could cut into it, was washed, dried, and ironed. Why not start cutting it up? So I did.

There are some reds in there, just not that many. The blues in the upper right hand might be problematic, since they read as dark as my center square, so I may have to go fishing for more reds to replace them.

Now, who knows what I will focus on today…..Fox and Geese, Midnattsol Hat, Disappearing 9 Patch? Or maybe something completely different? We shall see.

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14 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. rl2b2017 says:

    Hi Chris! I’m itching to start a new project myself. I stumbled upon a new pattern for us for a baby quilt so that might just be the ticket. Although I’m getting a cold and would rather sleep so maybe all of it will wait until the long weekend for the 4th of July. ~smile~ Roseanne

  2. Denise says:

    Ewe wee, love the fox and geese blocks, I have added them to my list of must do’s. You are almost done, don’t let them kick your arse, show them you are the boss. Get them pieced and set into a flimsy then laugh at them. I really want to see this finished quilt. lol. Thank you for linking up with me.

  3. nothingbutknit2 says:

    Washing fabric must be like winding yarn:) You’ve got to do it before you can get to the fun part.
    A new knitting friend sounds wonderful! And talking more than knitting is good too:)

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