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Today’s item is a knit one, so hopefully the Monday link ups won’t mind a different fiber project.

Our county fair started Sunday and I was busy getting items ready to enter. In the knitting arena there’s only 7 hand knit items that can be entered. 1 category covers hats, socks, shawls, collars, and purses. I believe shawls should be separate from the others, and just what is a collar? Do they mean cowl?

I had the following items ready for entry:

I could have also entered the twin of that sweater in a smaller size since they have 3-12 and Under 2 categories. But I didn’t want to enter the same look. So I decided that the baby sweater I needed for my new 1st cousin-twice-removed would be the ticket, Only, it wasn’t even started! Yes, another bad decision by Chris which then impacts her reality. LOL I already had too much on my plate this week, what’s 1 more item?

I cast on for the 12 month size, but I fear my gauge ended up making a 2 year size! Now Sammie Leigh will have to wait a long time to wear it.

At 9:00 pm Friday night I sewed the lone button on, soaked it and then put it through a quick dry spin in the washer to wring out the moisture, before pinning out the lace and blasting it with a fan for a few hours. By morning it was dry and ready to go to the Fair.

I love the subtle variations of color in the yarn and it’s wonderful softness. Hopefully it will be a well loved item in baby’s wardrobe. But I must say, it looks rather unshapely to me. Future knits from this pattern will cast on less sts and eliminate the side decreases. And likely a few more rows in the sleeve cap, or less rows on the body. My gauge was on, but the sleeves definitely do not look proportional. But it’s done and as soon as I get it back from the fair it’s off to Ohio!

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26 thoughts on “Moving Modern Making Design Monday

      1. Our fair isn’t until the 3rd week of August. I’ve registered to enter 10 items; socks, hats, mittens, vests, a kid’;s pullover and my magnum opus, St. Brigid cardigan. I hope you do well in your categories!

  1. Love both sweaters but I’m in total awe of the hat — your yarnwork is beautiful! I also hope knitting projects count for Movin’ It Forward. I did have an embroidery that I shared but the main one I’m working on is a baby sweater too!

  2. Hi Chris! HAHA – thank you for the giggle this morning. You’re entering a sweater in the Fair that you haven’t even started working on yet?! You R.O.C.K. sister. Of course you got it finished. That’s just the kind of deadline you work best under, it seems. It turned out really great!! Who cares if it’s a bit big for now. It’s the thought that counts AND you can still enter it in the FAIR without being an (Indian giver – it’s probably not proper to say this but can’t think what else it might be called) and taking back a gift. {{Hugs}} . I love this post! ~smile~ Roseanne

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