Friday FO

I really can make other things, but cowls are my go to right now. This is a prototype of a pattern I am designing. Quite a few modifications are being made for the next one, less garter st/St st repeats, more Zigzag Eyelet Lace repeats. I have crunched the numbers over and over and hopefully the “real” one will work. This one had some fits and starts, so it will have the feel of this one, but hopefully more precise on the final draft.

Color truer on left

I cast on the start while we were flying home from Florida, it made the trip go a bit quicker. The knitting is easy between the garter and St st, and then it goes into the eyelets which lean one direction for 6 rows and then reverse for the last 6 rows of the repeat.

Here’s a closer look at the Zigzag Eyelet Lace

Hopefully I can get the pattern written up in a fairly concisely manner and get it off to Leann at Forbidden Fiber Co, she will be marketing it with her line of Steampunk yarns. I ordered this for the test knit!

The design will allow you to wear the “showl”, yes it’s a word!, in 3 ways, scrunched around your neck, spread out over your shoulders, or sideways.


Please excuse the bathroom mirror shot
I was home alone and the dogs are no help at all!

I might make all my neck accessories in this manner from now on. No worry about them slipping off my shoulders. No fuss in trying to make the shawl wrap correctly or look nice. It just takes crunching numbers to get the drape you want. And of course I can imagine all sorts of lace inserts to use!!! I’ve already pegged one for the next design. Now, if only I can come up with a method of casting on that doesn’t make such a lumpy start. Must look into that.

Size comparison, Starshower Cowl on top,
Current “Showl” on bottom

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24 thoughts on “Friday FO

  1. that is pretty – I assume you can do that with crochet too? I’m not good enough for that still but it is pretty

  2. Hi Chris! What a pretty showl. That zigzag stitch really is cool. If I keep following you much longer I’m going to end up knitting something, and end up in over my head! ~smile~ Roseanne

  3. It’s beautiful and looks really fun to knit. I haven’t heard of a “showl” before and now I want to knit it!

  4. I love what your have designed!!!! (and I love the name of that yarn–steampunk holds real charm for me for some reason!) This is a really perfect way to wear a shawl! oops-showl!

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