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Wednesday WIP

I need to call my Wednesday posts something else because I rarely have a WIP, I usually have FOs. But FOs doesn’t give the alliteration that WIPs does. Any ideas? Anywho, I have a small FO that has been hanging around since early August, when I just had to make 5 small Sunflower blocks.

Evidently I didn’t photograph the last block

I got them seamed end to end, layered with batting and a back, quilted, and then auditioned Prairie Points for the edge.

My first attempt at Pebbles, not perfect, but not too bad
Straight line quilting done in the flowers and on the background

Prairie Points, WHY did I want to use PPs? Remind me to never use them again!!!! I won’t show the back because of the crappy job I did. Next time, sew it all inside out and then turn before quilting. Wait, did I say next time? No thank you! I am considering a pillow cover with just 1 block, to switch out with my Patriotic Cover.

 I tried to stitch the back down in the car last Friday as Hubster drove south for our friend’s son’s football game. They were an hour away so we had a little sports date. But car sickness set in so I stopped and finally picked it back up this week. And here it is on the counter and then the dining table. I like it better on the counter.

Sorry for the crappy night photography
Color on left is more accurate

I also finished a Mudsock Guild Charity Quilt this week, just needed to sew the binding on by machine. I hate doing it all by machine, but realize for the donation quilts it’s more secure to have it sewn down by machine.

Carpenter Star, also light issues skewing the colors
Color on left is more accurate

Today and tomorrow are for Dental and Eye Dr visits. I have neglected both for too long, but finally made the break with my Dr’s in our previous city and found new ones here. Fingers crossed the Hygienist and I can work around my too narrow mouth and TMJ issues. Will dose up with Advil. Hope your day is full of fun and no medical visits!

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30 thoughts on “Wednesday WIP

  1. OMG you sound like me and the dentist! I can’t open my mouth very wide and my jaw gives me such problems I’m in pain for several days after I see the dentist because of it. One question I know I should know this but what does FO stand for?

    1. Yes, jaw pain after the dentist is always for me. And after hip surgery I have to remember to take an antibiotic to avoid infection in my hip. Not sure why, but bone infections are a possibility. FO stands for Finished Object! > >

      1. I take the antibiotic to as had rheumatic fever when I was a kid and so they say take it. FO ok makes sense to me

  2. I was hoping to see your sunflower table runner finish, and it is great! So pretty on your counter! I really love that block and need to make one for myself. Even though you were unhappy with your prairie points, I think they make your tablerunner unique!

    1. Funny how large runners look too big on the table, but narrow ones look to skimpy. Large ones get in the way of the round placemats we use, so what’s a quilter to do? Thanks! > >

  3. CHRIS! I’m sorry those prairie points gave you a hard time, but they look fabulous my friend. Ooh-la-la! Aren’t you just thrilled with the results?! Forget about that bad experience – it’s behind you now. I love the idea for ‘next time’. HAHA! I need to try them sometime, without the frustration though. Your Carpenter Star is fab, too. How about Wednesday . . . Whimsy/Whims/Wishes/Whatsup. That’s all I’ve got – HAHA! ~smile~ Roseanne

  4. Your sunflower runner looks great. Anyone who turns it over to see how you did the prairie points is just rude! I’ve never done them myself so I don’t know how you are meant to finish them. Will have to do some research first if I ever decide to try them.

  5. Regardless of your feeling about the process of prairie points, this looks quite nice. I think I like it against the counter better, too, but if I hadn’t seen that, I’d still like the other photo.

  6. Lovely table runner! I’m not sure why you don’t like prarie points but I suppose they gave you trouble. Sure turned out nice on the runner though. Congrats on trying a new technique! Next time you’ll conquer it. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.

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